In 2006, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the Harvard Medical School/Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute Department of Population Medicine (DPM/HPHCI), and the Boston Children's Hospital Informatics Program established a Center of Excellence in Public Health Informatics funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This collaboration developed Electronic medical record Support for Public Health (ESP), an open source software application that uses EHR data to identify notifiable disease cases and automatically submit identifiable case reports using secure protocols to state health departments. ESP is compatible with any EHR system and with health information exchanges.

ESP uses purpose-built algorithms to integrate patients’ laboratory tests, medication prescriptions, diagnoses, prior results, and vital signs to distinguish acute from chronic disease, active versus latent infection, and current versus resolved infection. This strategy also allows ESP to detect and report diseases that may not have positive laboratory tests. ESP’s case reports are enriched by the availability of EHR data.  ESP reports include detailed patient and clinician contact information to facilitate public health follow-up.

The timeliness, granularity, completeness, and accuracy of ESP reports are a tremendous benefit to health departments and will be useful to local boards of health in case investigation and response. They enable resource-strapped departments to rapidly identify the handful of highly actionable, high yield cases from amongst the thousands of undifferentiated cases routinely reported by ELR systems and clinicians.

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Principal Investigator: Michael Klompas

Funder: Massachusetts Department of Public Health