Faculty Directory

Ashley Martinez

Research Scientist

Ashley is a pharmacoepidemiologist and pharmacist whose passion for improving patient care through real-world evidence generation has led her to her current position as a Research Scientist with the Therapeutics Research and Infectious Disease Epidemiology division within the Department of Population Medicine at the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Biological Sciences and Public Policy Analysis from the University of Chicago, Ashley continued on to the University of Kentucky where she earned her Master of Science, Doctor of Pharmacy, and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Ashley has a wide array of research interests, including evaluating outcomes associated with medication treatment of chronic conditions, and has spent significant time studying the cognitive effects of potentially inappropriate medication use in older adults. In her role as a Research Scientist at the Sentinel Initiative’s Operation Center, Ashley enjoys designing epidemiologic studies to answer scientific inquiries from the FDA, and looks forward to continuing to improve patients’ lives through her work evaluating the real-world use of medications and medical products.