Staff Listing

Department Administration

Sheila Fireman Director of Institute Administration

Maya Dutta-Linn Manager of Communications and Training

Robin Hoey Manager of Finance

Garett Kopczynski Manager of Administration

Vickie Pagliuca Manager of Operations


Courtney Adams Finance Manager

Stephanie Argetsinger Research Assistant

Samuel Attaya Research Assistant

Taliser Avery Lead Research Analyst

Soowoo Back Associate Research Analyst 

Carolyn Balsbaugh Budget Analyst

Kimberly Barrett Associate Informatics Analyst

Mikaela Batista Administrative Specialist

Nicolas Beaulieu Program Manager

Victoria Bemis Research Administrative Assistant

Anika Begum Administrative Specialist

Amanda Carruth Senior Research Analyst

Suzanne Carter Lead Research Analyst

Christina Chan Senior Research Analyst

Katherine Chiu Research Assistant

Lauren Cleveland Research Associate

Micaela Coady Senior Program Manager

Joanne Cochrane Executive Assistant

Noelle Cocoros Research Scientist Manager

Tawil Contreras Research Analyst

Claudia Coronel-Moreno SAS Programmer

Austin Cosgrove Research Analyst

Lauren Cripps Research Associate

Nicholas Curley Associate Facilities Specialist

Eric Czernizer Research Analyst

Jolene Damon Senior SAS Programmer/Analyst

Inna Dashevsky Senior SAS Programmer/Analyst

Elizabeth Dee Senior Research Analyst

Sandra DeLuccia Project Manager

Natasha De Marco Senior Project Manager

Christine Draper Research Assistant

April Duddy Senior Program Manager

Max Ehrmann Senior Research Analyst

Elena Faugno Research Associate

Elnara Fazio-Eynullayeva Senior Research Analyst

Julia Fearrington Research Analyst

Ruby Fore R Programmer

Susan Forrow Senior Project Manager

Katherine Freitas Project Coordinator

Candace Fuller Research Scientist II

Mia Gallagher Project Manager

Yang Gao Financial Analyst

Evan Garafalo Financial Analyst

Crystal Garcia Project Manager

Emily Gardner Project Manager

Bethlihem Gebremedhin Administrative Specialist

Autumn Gertz Research Assistant

Michael Gooch Programmer

Katie Haffenreffer Senior Project Manager

Aaron Hansbury Research Assistant

Zachary Hastings Administrative Specialist

Nicole Haug Research Anaylst

Qoua Her Research Analyst

Audra Hite Research Assistant/Phlebotomist

Casie Horgan Research Analyst

Jenny Hochstadt Senior Research Associate

Kelly Horan Program Manager

Laura Hou Research Analyst

Jane Huang Research Scientist I

Amanda Isaacs Project Coordinator

Chelsea Jenter Program Manager

Tyler Jette Research Analyst

Robert Jin Senior SAS Programmer/Analyst

Margaret Johnson Project Coordinator

Alyssa Jones Research Assistant

Ana Kantoroski Data Manager/Research Associate

Adee Kennedy Project Manager

Katelyn King Project Coordinator

Sheryl Kluberg Research Scientist I

Joy Kolonoski Senior Research Analyst

Jamie Kotch Project Manager

Matthew Lakoma Senior SAS Programmer/Analyst

Kimberly Lane Director of Operations

Jessica LeBlanc Project Manager

Robert LeCates Research Associate

Zhonghe Li Lead Research Associate

Caitlin Lupton Senior Administrative Specialist

Kathleen Lynch Research Assistant

Jennifer Lyons Research Scientist I

Lawrence MadziwaSenior SAS Programmer

Sarah Malek Project Manager

Jessica Malenfant Business Systems Analyst

James Marshall Senior Research Analyst

Chris Martin Business Systems Analyst

Maryna Marynchenko Lead Research Analyst III

Pamela McMahon Research Scientist II

Aaron Mendelsohn Research Scientist III

Talia Menzin Research Analyst

Jessica Meuleman Project Coordinator

Shaila Murji Research Analyst

Kshema Nagavedu Research Analyst

Neesha Nathwani SAS Programmer

Antonia Nepomuceno Research Analyst

Bridget Nolan Senior Research Assistant

Jamie Nolan Associate Research Analyst

Aileen Ochoa Project Manager

Emmanuel Ojo Research Analyst

Marleny Ortega Project Administrator

Adam Paczuski Technical Support Specialist


Richard Pereira IT Specialist

Ella Pestine Senior Research Assistant

Lindsey Petro Research Analyst

Andrew Petrone Senior SAS Programmer/Analyst

Victoria Powell Senior Project Coordinator

Rajani Rajbhandari Senior SAS Programmer/Analyst

Melisa Rett Program Manager

Juliane Reynolds Senior Project Manager

Julie Richard Senior SAS Programmer/Analyst

Sheryl Rifas-Shiman Senior Research Associate

Catherine Rogers Project Manager

Meighan Rogers Driscoll Senior Project Manager

Malcolm Rucker Senior SAS Programmer/Analyst

Karen Ruderman Senior Project Manager

Samantha Salvucci Senior Administrative Specialist

Doria Sanders Associate Financial Analyst

Margaret Scholl Program Manager

Oren Shapira Informatics Analyst

Mayura Shinde Research Scientist I

Laura Shockro Senior Project Manager

Alec Shostek Research Assistant

Denise Simon Project Manager

Selsebil Sljivo Senior Project Coordinator

Caroline Smith SAS Programmer

Joanne Sordillo Research Scientist

Zaria Starfeldt Research Assistant

Katherine Stewart Senior Project Coordinator

Jessica Sturtevant Senior Program Manager

Karen Switkowski Research Scientist

Beth Syat Project Management Office Manager

Szilvia Szegedi Senior Administrative Specialist

Tyler Tang Project Coordinator

Jennifer Thompson Project Manager

Rong Chen Tilney Senior SAS Programmer

Neha Varma Research Analyst

Justin Vigeant SAS Programmer

Yury Vilk Senior SAS Programmer/Analyst

Madison Vo Associate Financial Analyst

Jamie Wallace Project Manager

Haochong Wang Research Assistant

Emily Welch Research Analyste

Taylor Wensley Research Assistant

Sarah Willis Senior Research Analyst

Robert Wolf Senior Research Assistant

Tiffany Woodworth Senior Program Manager

Zachary Wyner Business Analyst

Xin Xu Senior SAS Programmer/Analyst

Natalie Zahniser-Word Financial Analyst

Brittany Zanengo Administrative Specialist

Tancy Zhang Associate Research Analyst