DPM Faculty elected to the American Society for Clinical Investigation

Congratulations to Department of Population Medicine faculty members Emily Oken and Maryam Asgari on their election to the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI).  The ASCI comprises more than 3,000 physician-scientists from all medical specialties elected to the Society for their outstanding records of scholarly achievement. The ASCI considers the nominations of several hundred physician-scientists submitted from among its members each year and elects up to 80 new members each year fo

Pamela McMahon

Research Scientist

Pamela McMahon, PhD is a Research Scientist in the Department of Population Medicine at the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute. She serves as the Project Director of the Precision Medicine Prevention and Treatment (PreEMPT) Model, designed to simulate the health and economic outcomes accruing to newborns undergoing genomic screening for an assortment of heritable conditions. She is an outcomes researcher with expertise in the use of modeling to integrate disparate data to inform healthcare policies.

Mohammad Alrawashdeh

Research Fellow

Mohammad Alrawashdeh, PhD, MSN, is a Research Fellow in the Therapeutics and Infectious Disease Epidemiology group at the Department of Population Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute. Dr. Alrawashdeh received his master’s degree in Healthcare Management from Kent State University, Ohio, and his PhD in Health Informatics from the University of Pittsburgh.

Saumya Chatrath

Research Fellow

Saumya Chatrath is a Ph.D. student in Health Policy, Economics track, at Harvard University.  Saumya received her degree in Mathematics-Economics and English from Wesleyan University.  After graduating, she worked at the economic consulting company Analysis Group on healthcare litigation and healthcare outcomes research cases involving off-label prescribing and drug efficacy.

Sharon Lutz


Sharon Lutz, PhD is a faculty member in the Department of Population Medicine at the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute. She is a biostatistician with a primary focus on statistical genetics and genomics. Dr. Lutz is interested in determining and understanding the path from gene to disease. Her work relates to areas like high-dimensional statistics, computational statistics, Bayesian hierarchical models, and mediation analysis.

Xiaodong Guan

Research Fellow

Xiaodong Guan, Ph.D. is a visiting junior faculty scholar from China who is a fellow in the Division of Health Policy and Insurance Research.  Dr. Guan received his undergraduate degree in Pharmaceutical Science from Peking University.  He also earned his PhD in the Department of Pharmacy Administration and Clinical Pharmacy at Peking University and he has been an Assistant Professor in the department since 2011.  Dr. Guan will be working closely with Dr. Dennis Ross-Degnan and Dr. Anita Wagner.  With experience in rural China, Dr.