Many Parents Don’t Understand Their Children’s Asthma Medications

Led by DPM researchers Ann Wu, MD, MPHLingling Li, PhD, and Alison Galbraith, MD, MPH, the study included 740 providers and parents of children age 4-11 years with one or more diagnoses of asthma and one or more dispensing of asthma controller medications.  Those with severe asthma were excluded.  The parents and providers were surveyed by mail, telephone, web, or in person.   

JAMA Medical News & Perspectives highlights the FDA Sentinel Initiative

A new Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) article highlights the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Sentinel Initiative.  The JAMA Medical News & Perspectives piece focuses on the progress to date with Sentinel, which was designed to identify potential safety issues by using electronic data to evaluate the safety of marketed drugs, devices, and biologics.  Sentinel’s coordinating center is located at the HPHC Institute and led by DPM Chair Richard Platt, MD, MS