Harvard-wide Fellowship in Pediatric Health Services Research Now Accepting Applications

The Harvard-wide Fellowship in Pediatric Health Services Research is a collaborative program operating across three research sites: Boston Children's Hospital, where the program is based; the Department of Population Medicine; and the MGH Department of General Academic Pediatrics. The collaborative structure of the program provides fellows with access to the broad and deep resources of the Harvard institutions.

Associate Professor Alison Galbraith serves as the Department of Population Medicine site director for the fellowship. Since its participation as a fellowship site, DPM has trained 29 fellows. Fellows studying at DPM benefit from a strong mentorship program, the interdisciplinary nature of the department, unique research opportunities, and large, rich data sources.

The principal goal of the two-year program is to develop expert investigators whose research will fundamentally improve the capacity of the U.S. healthcare system to meet the needs of children and families, including socio-economically disadvantaged and minority populations. The diverse research projects conducted by our faculty and fellows share the goal of improving pediatric care along the six dimensions of quality articulated by the Institute of Medicine -care that is safe, effective, timely, efficient, patient centered, and equitable. The majority of our alumni have become, or are in the process of becoming, well-known leaders in the field of child health services research, making substantial expert contributions to fields of research both locally and nationally.

Applications are now being accepted for July 2020. For questions specifically about the Department of Population Medicine as a fellowship site, please contact Alison Galbraith or click here for more information.  For additional information and application instructions, visit the Boston Children’s Hospital site.