Laura Faden Garabedian

Dr. Garabedian is a faculty member in the Department of Population Medicine (DPM). She is a member of the Division of Health Policy and Insurance Research (HPI). Dr. Garabedian co-directs the Harvard Medical School Fellowship in Health Policy and Insurance Research.

Dr. Garabedian’s research focuses on the robust evaluation of global and domestic health insurance reforms, insurer-led health system delivery reforms and pharmaceutical policies. She is also interested in the evaluation and development of analytic methods for health policy research, with a particular focus on observational data methods for comparative effectiveness research.

Dr. Garabedian received her PhD in Health Policy from Harvard University, with a specialization in evaluative science and statistics. She was a pre-doctoral Pharmaceutical Policy Research Fellow and a post-doctoral Pyle Fellow at DPM. Prior to Harvard, Dr. Garabedian worked as a research analyst at the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development. She has an MPH from Tufts and a BA from Boston University.

Selected Publications:
  • Garabedian LF, Chu P, Toh S, Zaslavsky A, Soumerai S. The Invalidity of the Most Common Instrumental Variable Analyses in Comparative Effectiveness Research. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2014; 161(2):131-138.
  • Garabedian LF, Ross-Degnan D, Ratanawijitrasin S, Stephens P, Wagner AK. Impact of universal health insurance coverage in Thailand on sales and market share of medicines for non-communicable diseases: an interrupted time series study. BMJ Open. 2012; 2(6).  Available at:
  • Faden L, Vialle-Valentin C, Ross-Degnan D, Wagner A. Active pharmaceutical management strategies of health insurance systems to improve cost-effective use of medicines in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review of current evidence. Health Policy. 2011;100(2-3):134-143.
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