Toni Peters

Until her retirement (December 31, 2013), Dr. Peters was an Associate Professor in the Department of Population Medicine (DPM), and the Associate Director of the Academy Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard Medical School (HMS).  Presently, she is a Lecturer in DPM and a consultant to the HMS Center for Primary Care. She received a BA in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University and a PhD in Educational Psychology from SUNY at Buffalo. From 1986-1991, she was the Associate Director for Educational Research and Evaluation at SUNY/Buffalo. She joined DPM in 1992. Since then, she has conducted research and evaluation studies, and has contributed to curricular and faculty development programs at Harvard Medical School, as well as nationally and internationally. Her research focuses on issues in medical education such as the process of curricular and cultural change in medical schools, the effect of instructional design on learning outcomes, small group process, feedback, and determinants of specialty choice, especially primary care.


Corresponding Member of the Faculty

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