Developing infrastructure to improve research and care for cancer survivors: A pilot study.

61 Background: Despite a growing number of clinical trials and supportive care programs for cancer survivors, recruitment of patients (pts) for these opportunities during the survivorship phase of care is challenging. We piloted a program to systematically share available research studies and supportive care programs with pts as part of their treatment summary and survivorship care plan (TS/SCP) visit at our institution.


Between 3/2015-8/2015, pts seen in the Adult Survivorship Program who had not previously received a TS/SCP were provided with one that included a list of survivorship research studies and care programscustomized to their diagnosis. Survivorship providers discussed the opportunities and recorded whether the pt was interested in relevant studies and placed referrals to study staff. Following the visit, we tracked study enrollment and surveyed pts about their experience.


50/56 (89%) pts who participated in the pilot responded to the survey.Median age was 51 (range: 26-73); 78% were female; 54% were survivors of breast cancer; 42%, lymphoma; 2%, breast and lymphoma; 2%, colorectal cancer. Only 34% knew what a TS/SCP was before their visit; however 96% said having a TS/SCP would be helpful when visiting a primary care or other provider; 92% said the TS/SCP visit and document had or will help with knowledge of research opportunities and supportive care interventions. 90% responded that the study information they received was useful; 44% were interested in at least 1 study and would follow-up with a research coordinator. Of the 30 survivors eligible for ≥ 1 study, 5 have enrolled to date.


This pilot program demonstrated that the systematic sharing of relevant clinical studies and supportive care programming as part of a TS/SCP visit is feasible and well-received by cancer survivors. Expansion of this novel program should help to enhance clinical research accrual for cancer survivors as well as ensure awareness of available supportive care interventions.

J. Clin. Oncol.
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Developing infrastructure to improve research and care for cancer survivors: A pilot study.
Ligibel JA, Meyerhardt JA, Jacobsen ED, Garber JE, Nekhlyudov L, Bunnell CA, Walsh S, Partridge AH