HPI International Research

To help improve medicines situations for low and middle-income country populations across the world, the group leads and collaborates on major global medicines research activities. 


We founded and lead the global Medicines and Insurance Coverage (MedIC) Initiative; collaborate on the development of practical, valid methods to assess medicines situations; provide technical support in the design, development, and implementation of medicines policy and other intervention research studies in health systems; and support the dissemination of global medicines research.


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Medicines and Insurance Coverage (MedIC) Initiative

  • Developing a portfolio of evidence for medicines benefit decision-making in emerging and expanding health insurance schemes.


Specialty Medicines Research

  • Generating evidence to support decisions in the US and global health systems on providing access to, financing, and managing specialty medicines


Assessing Country Medicines Situations

  • Developing and refining practical, valid methods to assess all aspects of a country’s pharmaceutical sector.


Assessing Medicines Prices

  • Developing and refining practical, valid methods to assess medicines prices throughout the supply chain; availability in retail settings, and affordability for individuals.


Assessing Medicines Situations from Household Perspectives

  • Developing and implementing household surveys to assess access, affordability, use, and consumer perceptions of medicines in systems.


Disseminating Global Medicines Research

  • Assembling and sharing state-of-the-art knowledge on medicines situations and the impacts of interventions to improve medicines access, affordability, and use.