Assessing Medicines Prices

Measuring Medicines Prices

Since 2001, DPM faculty members have provided technical support to the World Health Organization and Health Action International in the development of a systematic approach to collecting data on the availability and prices of medicines in low and middle income countries. The standardized survey methodology covers sample design, procedures for collecting data during field visits to the public and private sector pharmacy outlets, data entry and analysis of price data in an electronic workbook, and interpretation and presentation of results. The WHO-HAI Project disseminates this methodology and provides public access to data from completed surveys.  In addition, the Project has developed a series of reviews on broad pharmaceutical policy options to achieve more affordable prices.

Dr. Dennis Ross-Degnan is a member of the Project’s Technical Advisory Group and leads DPM’s involvement in the Project. Dr. Jeanne Madden has contributed to inter-country reliability analyses and a field study validating the Project’s survey methodology, while Dr. Catherine Vialle-Valentin currently works on extending the methodology to studies of local production and routine price monitoring.  Drs. Laura Garabedian and Anita Wagner have collaborated with Drs. Ross-Degnan and Vialle-Valentin on a commissioned review of evidence about approaches to improving access to and affordability of medicines in insurance systems in low and middle income countries.

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Survey methodology and associated tools: World Health Organization and Health Action International.  Measuring medicine prices, availability, affordability and price components 2nd edition. (WHO/PSM/PAR/2008.3) Geneva; World Health Organization: 2008

Public access database of medicine prices, availability, affordability and price components from WHO/HAI surveys

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Principal Investigator: Dennis Ross-Degnan

Funders of the WHO-HAI Project have included: Rockefeller Foundation, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the UK Department for International Development