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As part of a series of publications judged as having ground-breaking scientific and policy impact, former HPI fellow Julie Donohue [milbank.org] published an invited article in Milbank Quarterly on seminal research from Stephen Soumerai and Dennis Ross-Degnan. Their 1993 article focused on pharmaceutical cost containment in Medicaid and critically reviewed 20 years of research on cost-sharing, drug reimbursement limits, and administrative limitations on access to particular drugs; evaluates their methodological rigor; summarizes the state of current knowledge; and proposes future research directions. As noted by Dr. Donohue, “The road map offered by Soumerai and colleagues catalyzed a generation of research that continues to inform pharmaceutical policy at the state and federal levels.”

Anita Wagner presented at the Great Lakes Pharmacy Conference (March 20, 2021) on Ethical dilemmas in health care: Pharmaceuticals in the US health system”.

Former HPI fellow Rebecca Haffajee was appointed to the position of Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) at HHS in the Biden administration.