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Supported by the Common Fund at the National Institutes of Health, the Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory supports the design and rapid execution of pragmatic clinical trial Demonstration Projects that address questions of major public health importance and engage healthcare delivery systems in research partnerships. These projects help to establish best practices and provide proof of concept for innovative designs in pragmatic clinical research.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care is part of the Collaboratory’s Coordinating Center. Harvard Pilgrim leads the development and maintenance of the Collaboratory’s Distributed Research Network, which provides a mechanism for investigators funded by NIH and other not-for-profit sponsors to conduct research in partnership with many of the nation’s largest health plans.

Richard Platt, MD, MSc is the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care site-Principal Investigator. Additional members of the team include Jeffrey Brown, PhD and Alicia Muzzi, MPH.

Related Publications

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Richard Platt, MD, MSc


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