Given the core competency of the DPM and the major on-going projects at Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) and in Sichuan Province with 91 million residents, the China Program will focus primarily on the following areas:

  • Developing and integrating the EHR, EMR and public health reporting-based surveillance systems that use real world, distributed querying so that organizations can keep control of their own data, such as ESP
  • Developing people-centered, proactive and integrated quality care system and measures 
  • Developing and testing interventions to improve care, particularly focusing on large scale pragmatic and cluster randomized clinical trials such as type 2 diabetes management and breast cancer screening programs in China
  • Program design, implementation, evaluation and scale-up 
  • Cognitive discovery initiatives based on population, clinical, pathological, biological, and genetic data
  • Lifecourse epidemiology, focused on identifying modifiable exposures that influence risks for chronic diseases including obesity, type 2 diabetes, asthma, and others


Initial Research Projects:


  • Demonstration Project of Building up an Innovative Modern Proactive Healthcare System in Luzhou City

Luzhou is one of the 19 Cities in Sichuan with five million people. It is awarded as one of the national healthy cities and has conducted universal health check-ups for its residents over the past three years (2016-2018). Invited by the Luzhou Government, Dr. Ma and her Chinese colleagues are working on designing an “Modern Luzhou Proactive & Innovative Healthcare System”, which includes one overall design and two pillar rojects: 1) healthcare information system (close to ESP); 2) a People-Centered, Proactive Care (PCPC) service model system (learn from the US PCMH model, US CDC DPP Program, and HPHCI Diabetes Management System). The pilot starts with one county in Luzhou in 2019 and to scaled-up to other regions in 2020.


  • “New Century Lifecourse Health Initiative”

This is a collaborative project between New Century Healthcare Holding Co., Ltd. (NCHHC, a public company based in Hong Kong, stock 1518) and the CHINA Transformation. The project will take advantage of the NCHHC network of women and children’s healthcare across China, and the rich experience in applied research of healthcare delivery and evaluation at DPM/HPHCI as well as the Harvard Vanguard Healthcare Associates and the Boston Children’s Hospital.  The scope of work includes: 1) learning the U.S. pediatric “Well Child Care” System and co-developing a “Chinese Well Child Care” system; 2) learning the U.S. coordinated primary care service models such as the “People-Centered Medical Home”; 3) comparing different types of child health insurance plans between U.S. and China and conduct comparative research; 4) design an EHR-based family cohort study within the network of the NCHHC; 5) to develop training materials and programs. The project could last for 2-3 years.