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Click here to read Dr. Soumerai and Dr. Koppel’s new Washington Post op-ed entitled “How bad science can lead to bad science journalism—and bad policy”: “This is what happens when news organizations don’t catch lousy studies”

Christine Leopold and Anita Wagner are co-authors of a recently paper by Steve Morgan in the Canadian Medical Association Journal entitled "Drivers of expenditure on primary care prescription drugs in 10 high-income countries with universal health coverage". The paper has been featured by the Commonwealth Fund. A commentary can be found here.

Laura Garabedian will now co-direct the Division's Fellowship in Health Policy and Insurance Research (formerly the Pharmaceutical Policy Research Fellowship). Laura takes over the co-directorship from Steven Soumerai who, together with Dennis Ross-Degnan, created highly successful fellowship program more than 15 years ago. Since 2001, the Fellowship program has trained 42 fellows and 5 visiting scholars from 16 countries.

Among her many credentials, Laura is an alumna of the Fellowship, which she started while a PhD student in the Harvard University-wide PhD Program in Health Policy.  She now teaches in the PhD Program and serves on the Committee on Higher Degrees in Health Policy at Harvard University.  Laura will help expand the Fellowship program and specifically the long-standing, fruitful engagement with students in the PhD Program in Health Policy. The division thanks Steve for co-creating and co-leading the Fellowship for all these years, and Laura for co-directing (with Anita Wagner) the Fellowship in Health Policy and Insurance Research going forward.


Anita Wagner has been offered a position as a Fellow in Bioethics in the Fellowship in Bioethics at Harvard Medical School for the academic year 2017-2018.  The Fellowship in Bioethics is a 1-year part-time course of study to further one's knowledge of the history, philosophical underpinnings and contemporary practice of bioethics.  Anita plans to focus her bioethics scholarship on ethical questions in cancer care.  Her participation in the program is made possible by the Department's Robert H. Ebert Career Development Award.

Christine Lu was selected to present at the Thirteenth Workshop on Costs and Assessment in Psychiatry: Mental Health Policy and Economics, which took place in Venice, Italy in March. Her presentation was entitled, "Near Real-Time Surveillance for Consequences of Health Policies Using Sequential Analysis".


Stephen Soumerai was a guest on The Healthcare Policy Podcast to discuss Pay for Performance (P4P). The episode, "Does Pay for Performance Improve Care and Lower Spending? An Interview with Stephen Soumerai" is available online here.

Scott Hadland was recently selected as one of three winners of JAMA Pediatrics contest for the best paper by a trainee as first author. Criteria for selection included rigorous metrics similar to those used in assessing R grants: Significance, Innovation, and Design and Analysis. Dr. Hadland is an adolescent medicine and addiction specialist and is currently an Assistant Professor at Boston University School of Medicine. The winning paper, entitled “Trends in Receipt of Buprenorphine and Naltrexone for Opioid Use Disorder Among Adolescents and Young Adults, 2000-2014”, involved collaboration with Frank Wharam, Fang Zhang, and Marc LaRochelle.

Frank Wharam's abstract,“Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment before and after High-deductible Insurance Enrollment”, was chosen for a plenary presentation at the Cancer and Primary Care Research International Network (Ca-PRI) 2017 meeting in April in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Natasha Stout was elected to the Board of Officers, Trustees, and Staff of the Society for Medical Decision Making. Dr. Stout began her three-year term as SMDM Secretary-Treasurer in 2016.