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New article from Bouvé College of Health Sciences at Northeastern University Associate Professor Jeanne Madden with HPI coauthors Stephen Soumerai, Dennis Ross-Degnan, and Alison Galbraithhttps://bit.ly/30KTocd


Congratulations to HPI collaborator Alyce Adams on her nomination to the AcademyHealth Board of Directors!

Congratulations to new SMDM President-Elect and HPI Assistant Professor Natasha Stout!

Congratulations to HPI direct James Frank Wharam who was named Co-chair of PCORI's Advisory Panel on Healthcare Delivery and Disparities Research!

Christine Lu and HCSRN colleagues including Alanna Rahm suggest that health care systems should establish standards for electronic reporting of precision medicine tests to accelerate cancer research and promote the use of precision medicine approaches. https://bit.ly/2M9PDYt

HPI direct, James Frank Wharam and Bouvé College of Health Sciences at Northeastern University Associate Professor Jeanne Madden presented a poster entitled "Concordance of Quantitative and Qualitative Findings in Research on People with Bipolar Disorder and Behavioral Health Care" at the Annual PCORI 2019 Meeting.

A new publication co-authored by HPI Associate Professor Dennis Ross-Degnan found that social worker-led transitional care programs for nonelderly (<60), high risk, lower socioeconomic, adult patient show promise in reducing readmissions over 90 days. https://bit.ly/2k1TJrL

New Mental Health Research Network paper on psychiatric diagnoses and death by suicide with Christine Lu as a coauthor. https://bit.ly/2ATtrgh

New publication co-authored by Assistant Professor Natasha Stouthttps://bit.ly/2kfXlGO


Stephen Soumerai and Fang Zhang worked with Boston College faculty on a new study to introduce a health policy method, interrupted time series, to evaluate occupational therapy treatments for children with serious rare disorders. https://bit.ly/345mh5V

Associate Professor Christine Lu and HCSRN collaborators from the Mental Health Research Network provide important data regarding health care utilization differences in patients who die from suicide compared to the general population. https://bit.ly/31vq4qU 

In a new study HPI Assistant Professor Laura Faden Garabedian and collaborators from Boston Children's Hospitals, Brigham and Women's and CHA found that negative IUD insertion experience among adolescents may impact willingness to continue using the device. https://bit.ly/2oJXNPj

HPI Associate Professor, Christine Lu and HCSRN collaborators Brian Ahmedani and Gregory Simon and others provide important data regarding health care utilization differences in patients who die from suicide compared to the general population. https://bit.ly/31vq4qU

DPM visiting scholar Andréa Bertoldi and HPI faculty Dennis Ross-Degnan and Anita Wagner found that sales of non-generics decreased during the first 10 years of Brazilian Generics Law, But market dominance of generics varied but the market dominance of generics varied by class. https://bit.ly/33BKDDS

New article from WBUR featuring HPI collaborator and DPM colleague Steven D. Pearson, Founder, and President of the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review. https://wbur.fm/2RBsKQ1

HPI director, James Frank Wharam presented "High Out-of-pocket Costs for Medical Services in the United States: Effects on Health Care Use and Outcomes" on June 17th at the Fudan University School of Public Health, Medical Campus.


Stephen Soumerai has a new opinion piece out with coauthor Kip Sullivan, https://bit.ly/2JQWXsq. 

Here is a new editorial from CHerP Associate Director Alison Galbraith, Aaron E. Carroll, and Dimitri Christakis. https://bit.ly/2IoefLZ

Now online in BMC Health Services Research: a study co-authored by HPI director and Associate Professor James Frank Wharam found patients with diabetes may benefit from mail order pharmacy use, but perceive numerous barriers to using the service. https://bit.ly/2Y77Ca0


New editorial article from HPI fellow Alessandra Ferrario, Muhammad Hamid Zaman, and Veronika Wirtz in BMJ Global Health on the need for system thinking and increased training for pharmacists in substandard and falsified medicines. https://bit.ly/2YkneqY

A new qualitative study from former fellow Christine Leopold, Anita Wagner, and colleagues investigated OOP considerations in the care delivery process and perspectives on value frameworks. https://bit.ly/2Z4s9t1

HPI fellow Alessandra Ferrario presented on uptake of WHO-listed essential cancer medicines in China, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand at the 2019 iHEA World Congress on July 17th, 2019 in Basel, Switzerland.

In a recent qualitative study director, James Frank Wharam and authors Julie A. Schmittdiel, Cassondra J. Marhsall, Deanne Wiley, Christopher V. Chau, Connie M. Trinacty, O. Kendrick Duru, Andrew J. Karter, and Susan D. Brown found that diabetes patients identified numerous barriers to using potentially beneficial mail order pharmacy services. https://bit.ly/2Y77Ca0

A new study from HPI and PROMoTeR fellow Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup and Associate Professor, Christine Lu delves into the barriers and facilitators of the use of genetic testing for already underdiagnosed Familial Hypercholesterolemia.


On June 3rd HPI director James Frank Wharam gave a podium presentation at the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting entitled "Impact of High-Deductible Insurance on Breast Cancer Care Among Rural Women."

Jim Sabin and Anita Wagner facilitated a session for more than 30 clinicians, attorneys, and other professionals at the 2019 Harvard Clinical Bioethics Course in early June. The invited session was a part of the Harvard Clinical Bioethics Course at Harvard Medical School and was entitled “Organizational Ethics and Health Policy: Strategies and Structure of an Organizational Ethics Committee."

In a new article Kristina Lewis, David Arterburn, Fang Zhang, Katherine Callaway, Jamie Wallace, Adolfo Fernandez, Dennis Ross-Degnan and James Frank Wharam found in a large claims-based data set that Roux-en-Y gastric bypass patients were more likely to come off diabetes medications than vertical sleeve gastrectomy patients. https://bit.ly/2WPzbQn 

Christine Lu and HCSRN collaborator found that half of Mental Health Research Network patients who died by suicide between 2000-2013 had at least one diagnosis of a mental health condition in the year before their death and most were related to suicide. https://bit.ly/2ZEB1Wp

New in a special Genomic Medicine and Policy issue of JPM_MDPI: Assessing the Joint Value of Genomic-Based Diagnostic Tests and Gene Therapies. ow.ly/qBPA50uEs4i

When investigating racial and ethnic differences in pulmonary subtypes and survival differences in a pediatric population investigator Mei-Sing Ong and colleagues found significant racial variability. https://t.co/PhQSCH3osv

HPI SAS Programmer Katherine Callaway will be presenting the "Impact of Breast Density Legislation on Ultrasound and MRI Use, 2002-2016" at the 9th International Breast Density and Cancer Risk Assessment Workshop on June 7th. 


On May 13th HPI research fellow Alessandra Ferrario gave the opening presentation at the international workshop on risk-sharing agreements for health technologies in Brasília, Brazil organized by the Ministry of Health of Brazil.

On May 30th Associate Professor Christine Lu presented at the Clinical Genome Resource and The DECIPHER Project, Curating the Clinical Genome Meeting. Her presentation was entitled "Economics of Variant Reinterpretation."

Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup HPI and PROMoTeR fellow presented "Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: Current Events & Expectation of Privacy and Nondiscrimination" at the DPM Brown Bag on May 23rd.

James Frank Wharam presented at Ca-PRI 2019 about his collaborative work with Christine Lu, Larissa Nekhlyudov and Stephen Soumerai entitled "Impact of High-deductible Insurance on Breast Cancer Care among Rural Women."

Christine Lu and the authors discuss why current methods, such as decision analytic model-based cost-effectiveness analysis are appropriate to tp assess costs and consequences of using genomic-based diagnostic tests and gene therapies together. https://bit.ly/2WYPr2p

A new article from Laura Karas, Christine Lu and Maryam Asgari, analyzes FDA approved orphan drugs used for rare dermatologic conditions and skin-related cancers since the enactment of the Orphan Drug Act of 1983, https://bit.ly/30Cbfn0

In a recent study HPI investigators Laura Faden Garabedian, Dennis Ross-Degnan, and James Frank Wharam evaluate the real-world uptake, use and predictors of a diabetes mHealth intervention that uses an FDA-approved mobile glucometer and nurse coaching, https://bit.ly/2HYfkZU.

James Frank Wharam presented at the SGIM in the Opening Plenary Session on "Impact of High-Deductible Insurance on Breast Cancer Care Among Rural Women." This study was also authored by Jamie Wallace, Christine Lu, Larissa Nekhlyudov, Stephen Soumerai, and Dennis Ross-Degnan.

A commentary from Christine Lu and Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup concludes that in today's world of unprecedented direct-to-consumer genetic testing more research is needed to identify concerns about expectations of privacy for health consumers, https://bit.ly/30a1Pi3


James Frank Wharam in the news! Check out this article about HDHP-associated delays in breast cancer care, https://bit.ly/2MFhAe6, and https://n.pr/2vdOfMC.

A new Viewpoint from our faculty Christine Lu and fellow Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup in JAMA regarding the need for ethically sound and enforceable policies to protect direct-to-consumer genetic test users, https://bit.ly/2GlP37i

Check out quotes from HPI director James Frank Wharam in NPR Health's article entitled "High-Deductible Health Policies Linked To Delayed Diagnosis And Treatment."

A new article from Christine Lu and HCSRN collaborators including Geisinger Researcher Alanna Rahm describes how HCSRN acts as a "real world" laboratory that allows researchers to improve patient outcomes, https://bit.ly/2QMQz7a

A recent publication from HPI researchers James Frank Wharam, Dennis Ross-Degnan, and Stephen Soumerai investigated breast cancer diagnosis and treatment among vulnerable and less vulnerable women after switching from low to high deductible insurance from 2004-2014. bit.ly/2U8ayxd 


On March 28th HPI Fellow Alessandra Ferrario presented "Trends in availability and use of cancer medicines in six Asian countries working towards universal health coverage" at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Department of Global Health and Population 6th Annual State of Global Health Symposium. bit.ly/2tSb9s9 

A publication from CHeRP Fellow Joachim Hero and Associate Professor Alison Galbraith observed that consumer assistance should be targeted to off-Marketplace populations along with populations with low health insurance literacy. bit.ly/2tSb9s9 

On March 5th our director James Frank Wharam and Associate Professor Alison Galbraith participated in the Health Affairs live briefing on patients as consumers. 

A recent article from James Frank Wharam and former HPI fellow Rebecca Haffajee found small increases in outpatient mental health visits among commercially insured high utilizers of mental health services two years postparity. bit.ly/2XDrbns 

Congratulations to former HPI fellow and current Harkness Fellow Huseyin Naci on having one of the Milbank Fund Quarterly's most cited articles of 2017-2018. https://bit.ly/2IaPPqU

A new publication from HPI fellow Alessandra Ferrario presents views/considerations form policymakers, payers, pricing experts, reimbursement authorities and European academics about the European Commission's 2018, Proposal for a Regulation on Health Technology Assessment. https://bit.ly/2GoNgAA 

Congratulations to HPI collaborator Larissa Nekhlyudov who is a PCORI Ambassador! Find more information about her fantastic work with cancer survivorship here, bit.ly/2X5gzNJ.

Was there increased usage of long-acting reversible contraceptive (LARC) methods after the 2016 election? Our fellow Mara Murray Horwitz delves deeper into this question by assessing LARC utilization among a large sample of commercially insured women. https://bit.ly/2Sq3ZcD.

Congratulations to HPI faculty member Natasha Stout on her new publication! https://bit.ly/2IaHSC8

New research from HPI fellow Mara Murray Horwitz found that delayed contraceptive initiation is more common among African American, Hispanic, and low-income women and can lead to the short-term risk of unwanted pregnancy. See more here, bit.ly/2sNWEoy.

Congratulations to our director James Frank Wharam on becoming an Endowed Chair!