The objective of the Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion (DHQP), within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is to provide healthcare epidemiology prevention Research, Implementation, Evaluation, Surveillance and Medication Safety studies. The Safe Healthcare, Epidemiology, and Prevention Research Development (SHEPheRD) Program allows the CDC to address questions related to healthcare epidemiology prevention research. One example of a SHEPheRD-funded project is below:



INSPIRE: Up to 40% of patients who are prescribed antibiotics in U.S. hospitals either do not require these drugs or receive inappropriate antibiotics for the condition being treated. Moreover, inappropriate antibiotics are often broad-spectrum, empirically prescribed in case of infection due to multidrug-resistant organisms (MDROs), despite the low risk of MDRO infection in the vast majority of clinical settings.


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Principal Investigators: Susan Huang, MD, MPH, Richard Platt, MD, MSc 

Funder: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention