PopMedNet™ is a scalable and extensible open-source informatics platform designed to facilitate the creation and operation of distributed health data networks. PopMedNet enables the secure distribution of queries to data partners and secure response. PopMedNet allows data partners to retain full control over their data and all data uses and includes a robust set of access controls to facilitate software-enabled governance and auditing. Over 100 healthcare organizations participate in PopMedNet enabled networks, including FDA Sentinel, PCORnet, MDPHnet (ESPnet), the Biologics and Biosimilars Collective Intelligence Consortium (BBCIC), the Innovation in Medical Evidence Development and Surveillance (IMEDS) program, and the NIH Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory. Across these networks, thousands of distributed queries have been sent using a highly secure, FISMA-compliant data center. PopMedNet is also the supporting software platform for ongoing research on the implementation of novel privacy-protecting distributed analytics and data sharing methods. More information about PopMedNet, including functionality, security, open source availability, presentation materials, and professional research publications, can be found on the PopMedNet web site.


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Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Brown, PhD


Funder: AHRQ and FDA