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Dear faculty,

All Harvard medical students are required to conduct a scholarly project with a faculty mentor during their four years of medical school.

We think this is an opportunity to recruit talented students to become partners in our work!


The DPM is committed to partnering with HMS in this initiative. For this to succeed, we need faculty involvement, good projects, and students with appropriate skills for specific projects. To this end, we ask faculty to post project opportunities and their required skills by October 1st of each academic year.

Our goal is to find 3 to 4 high quality matches who will work at DPM in the summer months, and ideally beyond (see below).


Nuts and Bolts:

Projects must ask and answer a scholarly question and provide student with an independent role. However, it is preferable for projets to fit well with mentor's ongoing work.

Projects may start in the summer between 1st and second year but are expected to require between 4 and 12 months to complete.



  • Summer project: Approximately seven weeks between 1st and 2nd year
  • Extension of summer project as the definitive scholarly project: 4 months to 1 year total to complete
  • Option for full year of research: usually done between years 3 and 4; partial funding available from HMS


Blocks of time that students have available:

  • Summer between 1st and 2nd year
  • Part-time during 2nd year
  • Elective month 3rd year
  • Some time 4th to wrap up project; or
  • Full year taken between 3rd and 4th year


Funding: The summer stipend is $4,000. DPM will fund the mentor's share of summer work ($2,000) up to 4 students, and may be able to fund their follow-on work as part of the program



  • September - October: Society-based briefings on finding a mentor and a project
  • October - December: Students meet with possible mentors and identify project
  • January: Students develop projects and write funding proposals
  • February: Students submit draft proposals to Society Fellows for review
  • April 1: Final approval of student funding proposals by Society Fellows


How to post a project opportunity: Use this link

Projects appear on your Catalyst faculty profile.

Please also send to Meg Powers and Emma Eggleston and they will be posted on the SIM section of the DPM website.

Other resources:; This is a very helpful slide set on the role of expectations for the mentoring experience.
Feel free to ask Emma any questions or proivde suggestions/feedback.