The Department of Population Medicine (DPM) resides within the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, and is an appointing department of Harvard Medical School.  

DPM's core mission is to improve health care delivery and population health through innovative research and teaching.


AY15 Pyle Fellows Arrive at DPM

We are pleased to welcome this year’s Thomas O. Pyle Fellowship awardees, Chanu Rhee MD and Rebecca Haffajee JD MPH (2nd year Pyle fellow). Pyle fellowships are awarded by the Institute to promote training of individuals studying critical topics in domestic health policy and health care systems.

Recent news

Jul 10 2014Great Potential for Shared Health Data Networks

Information from large health data networks has the power to change health care, public health practice, and clinical research, and some early successes are illustrated in the current issue of Health Affairs.

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Jun 19 2014Antidepressant Safety Warnings Have Unexpected Consequences

After the 2004 FDA black box safety warning about youth antidepressant use and the subsequent heavy media attention, use of antidepressants by teenagers decreased and the number of suicide attempts rose.

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Jun 16 2014NEJM Perspective praises work of Mini-Sentinel Program

A recent NEJM Perspective discusses “big data” sets in medicine and how the Mini-Sentinel program, co-developed and overseen by HPHC Institute, should be commended for its ability to quickly and cost-effectively identify and assess safety issues.

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