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Harvey Katz

Corresponding Member of the Faculty

Before his retirement, Dr. Katz was an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Population Medicine and is a pediatrician with subspecialty training in pediatric endocrinology. He trained at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and as NIH endocrine fellow at the University of California, San Francisco. He co-directed the military internship and residency-training program at Tripler Army Hospital, Hawaii. Dr. Katz has long standing experience in managed care as the founding physician, health services researcher and associate medical director for the Johns Hopkins Health Plan-Columbia Medical Plan from 1968-1985, and as health center medical director for the Harvard Community Health Plan-Harvard Pilgrim Health Care from 1985-2000. He is an author of Telephone Medicine: Triage and Training for Primary Care. He has a strong interest in teaching, was awarded the 1996 Harvard Pilgrim Teaching Award, and was clerkship director of Harvard Medical School's Department of Population Medicine-centered required primary care clerkship for 3rd year medical students. Dr. Katz was deputy director of Pri-Med, the Harvard Continuing Medical Education Course in primary care which as of 2004 had enrolled over 200,000 primary care clinicians since its Boston inauguration in l995 and was given in 5 other locations outside of Boston, MA.



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Books, Monographs, and Textbooks

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