Jeanne Madden

Dr. Madden is a Lecturer in the Department of Population Medicine, working primarily with the Division of Health Policy and Insurance Research. At present, she is leading a qualitative study on the experiences of individuals with bipolar disorder as they navigate complex insurance benefits, within a larger PCORI investigation of the impact of high deductible health plans on individuals with bipolar disorder.  Dr. Madden is directing several studies of the impact of the Medicare Part D drug benefit on access to medicines for patients with chronic conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and severe mental illness. Within the multi-health-system Mental Health Research Network, she recently compared the quality of evidence between EHRs and claims data sources for behavioral health research and examined diagnosis and treatment for children with autism spectrum disorders.  Also in recent years, Dr. Madden conducted epidemiological analyses for the FDA Mini-Sentinel project and led an investigation of the relationship between underuse of asthma controller medications and outcomes indicating uncontrolled asthma. She directed a comprehensive study to determine the effects on maternal and infant health outcomes, service utilization, and costs of two policies that, in succession, shortened and then lengthened standard hospital stays at childbirth. Dr. Madden has worked in international pharmaceuticals policy, where her activities included development of methods for measuring medicine prices in low- and middle-income countries. She holds a master's degree in International Health Policy and Economics from the Harvard School of Public Health and a doctoral degree from the Harvard University PhD program in Health Policy.  Dr. Madden is Associate Professor of Pharmacy and Health Systems Sciences at Northeastern University.


Lecturer, Part-Time

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