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Sanjat Kanjilal

Assistant Professor

Dr. Kanjilal is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Population Medicine at the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute and the Associate Medical Director of Clinical Microbiology at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital (BWH). He is also an infectious diseases physician at the BWH and the course director of HST 040, Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis, at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Kanjilal's research interests focus on harnessing observational and experimental data to improve the diagnosis and management of infectious diseases. Specific areas of work include the development of decision support tools built over machine learning models that assist healthcare providers in a variety of tasks such as antibiotic treatments and diagnostic testing strategies. Related work includes building generalizable, data-driven testing algorithms in skilled nursing and healthcare facilities to detect and prevent the spread of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), the virus that causes COVID-19. His long term goal is to improve medical decision making by integrating accurate and interpretable artifical intelligence decision algorithms into clinical workflows and to use these models on a broader scale to inform public health policy.

Dr. Kanjilal collaborates with scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Massachusetts Senior Care Association.


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