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Genome-wide association study of placental weight identifies distinct and shared genetic influences between placental and fetal growth. (Pubmed Abstract)

Second international consensus report on gaps and opportunities for the clinical translation of precision diabetes medicine. (Pubmed Abstract)

Multi-ancestry genome-wide study identifies effector genes and druggable pathways for coronary artery calcification. (Pubmed Abstract)

Analysis of DNA methylation at birth and in childhood reveals changes associated with season of birth and latitude. (Pubmed Abstract)

Reply to E Ciappio et al. (Pubmed Abstract)

Evaluation of pediatric epigenetic clocks across multiple tissues. (Pubmed Abstract)

Neighborhood Opportunity and Vulnerability and Incident Asthma Among Children. (Pubmed Abstract)

Executive Summary: A Compendium of Strategies to Prevent Healthcare-Associated Infections in Acute-Care Hospitals: 2022 Updates. (Pubmed Abstract)