Our Harvard-appointed faculty use our position within both a medical school and a health plan to conduct research to identify effective interventions and systems of care that can improve health care delivery, inform and enhance prevention efforts, evaluate and inform health policy, and contribute to public health.

Our work is focused in five key areas.

Comparative effectiveness - Which strategies are best to optimize outcomes for individuals and populations?

Delivery systems - How best to improve clinical care processes and outcomes?

Prevention - How to modify the risk of acquiring diseases and/or to prevent their secondary consequences?

Policy - What is the impact of different approaches to health policy, financing or administering health care insurance?

Surveillance and public health - How can health care data be used to support public health?

We are home to two Centers of Excellence. These centers’ primary purpose is to foster intellectual collaboration among faculty across Divisions that have shared research interests and to promote the expertise of these individuals to the outside world.

Center for Cancer Policy and Program Evaluation (CarPE)

PRecisiOn Medicine Translational Research (PROMoTeR)