HPI Seminar Series

Health Policy and Insurance Research Seminar Series


The purpose of the seminar is to provide Health Policy and Insurance Research Fellows and other interested students and researchers with the knowledge and tools necessary to conduct rigorous health policy research. The seminar focuses on:

• Pressing US and international health and insurance policy issues; and
• Cutting-edge methodologies to rigorously assess health policy effects

Intended Audience

Attendees are assumed to have a basic knowledge of research design and multivariate regression methods and will likely include:

• Health Policy & Insurance Research Fellows
• Doctoral and masters level students in health policy and related fields
• Residents and MD fellows
• Researchers and policymakers interested in health policy


The seminar features presentations by renowned faculty in their field, and special presentations by stakeholders in the health policy arena (e.g., industry, managed care organizations, policymakers, advocates). In addition, the seminar serves as a platform for HMS Health Policy and Insurance Research Fellows to present their Fellowship work.

Seminar Leader:
Hefei Wen, PhD | Email

Elizabeth Grillo | Email

Seminars are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month, with some exceptions.

Please refer to the schedule for exact dates.

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Hybrid event, in-person at the DPM Office at 401 Park Drive, Ste 401 East and on Zoom

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