Pediatric Health Services Research Fellowship

Optimizing the well-being of children is essential to assure health and economic productivity in adulthood. The goal of the Harvard-wide Pediatric Health Services Research (HSR) Fellowship is to train outstanding researchers who can address critical gaps in primary care for children and fundamentally improve the capacity of the US health care system to meet the needs of children and families, including socioeconomically disadvantaged and minority populations. It combines two federally funded National Research Service Award Fellowships from AHRQ, including an AHRQ/ARRA award. It also represents a unique and established collaboration of faculty at Children’s Hospital-Boston, Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, and DPM. A national model, it received the 2003 Outstanding Teaching Award from the Ambulatory Pediatric Association, the first time it was given to a research training program. DPM has for over a decade provided an academic home for a number of its fellows, and mentorship for many more.

The Harvard-wide Pediatric HSR program recruits superb candidates, both pediatric generalists and subspecialists, from local training programs and from others across the country. Training components include an MPH through the Harvard School of Public Health Clinical Effectiveness Program, an innovative series of seminars including fellows’ works-in-progress, faculty presentations, and sessions on skill development (e.g. job seeking, grant writing). Our graduates have forged extraordinarily successful careers as leaders in pediatrics at HMS and institutions around the country. 92% of graduates from the past 10 years remain in academic positions, they contribute numerous publications to the evidence each year and 84% of our AHRQ graduates have federal or foundation funding.

DPM is a critical part of this program. Dr. Finkelstein serves as Co-Director of the overall program and Dr. Alison Galbraith is a member of the leadership team and DPM site director. All fellows, but particularly those based at DPM, have the opportunity to conduct research using DPM’s data systems and linkages with health systems. Fellows have published work using the data and mentorship resources of the Obesity Prevention Program, the Vaccine Safety Datalink Project, and the Center for Healthcare Research in Pediatrics.

Over the next five years the program expects to continue in its primary mission and expand through new partnerships with organizations such as the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, the National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality (NICHQ), and the Harvard Catalyst. DPM will continue to be a focal point of the program with its committed faculty, data resources, and linkages to health systems providing care to children.

Contact Alison Galbraith for additional information.