Harvard Medical School Fellowship in General Medicine and Primary Care

DPM is one of seven sites of Harvard's Fellowship Program in General Internal Medicine and Primary Care-- one of the leading programs in the nation which has produced numerous academic leaders in General Medicine research, education, and health care. Continuously funded by Health Resources and Services Administration and other sources for over two decades, the Fellowship provides research training and experience under the direction of highly qualified mentors to postdoctoral fellows who have already demonstrated outstanding clinical skills in internal medicine. Click here for the Harvard Medical School Fellowship in General Medicine and Primary Care website

DPM provides a particularly rich environment for the fellows in the program, for a number of reasons: 1) our strong mentorship program, reflected in part by the large proportion of faculty who have received mentorship awards (described in the Leadership and Administration section); 2) the interdisciplinary nature of the department,  as general medicine fellows sit with, interact with, and sometimes collaborate with pediatric and health policy faculty and fellows in the department; and 3) the unique research opportunities DPM offers in systems of care and defined populations.

Each year the program selects six to eight fellows from a national pool of applicants, one or two of whom are based in DPM. Fellows are funded by federal grants for two years of study, and they occasionally spend a third year at DPM with support from departmental or other competitive fellowships. Fellows attend classes at the Harvard School of Public Health in the Clinical Effectiveness track, which is specifically designed for physicians, and complete a master's degree. DPM fellows also participate in curricula in teaching and caring for the underserved, see patients part-time (usually at a Harvard Vanguard office), and have the opportunity to teach in HMS courses directed by department faculty. Most of their time, however, is spent conducting clinical epidemiology and delivery science research under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

Over the years of DPM’s participation with the Harvard General Medicine and Primary Care Fellowship, 19 fellows have been based in our department. The vast majority of alumni continue as primary care generalists in academic medicine; they populate the faculties of numerous general internal medicine divisions nationally and have assumed leadership positions in internal medicine.