Division of Health Policy and Insurance Research (HPI) Faculty, Fellows and Staff



Alison Galbraith, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor

Phone: (617) 867-4893

Email: alison_galbraith@harvardpilgrim.org


Laura Faden Garabedian, MPH, PhD

Assistant Professor

Phone: (617) 867-4921

Email: laura_garabedian@harvardpilgrim.org


Christine Lu, MSc, PhD

Associate Professor

Phone: (617) 867-4948

Email: christine_lu@harvardpilgrim.org


Larissa Nekhlyudov, MD, MPH

Associate Professor

Phone: (617) 867-4983

Email: larissa_nekhlyudov@dfci.harvard.edu


Dennis Ross-Degnan, ScD

Associate Professor

Phone: (617) 867-4920

Email: drossdeg@hms.harvard.edu


Mei-Sing Ong, PhD

Faculty Member

Phone: (617) 867-4552

Email: mei-sing_ong@hms.harvard.edu


Stephen Soumerai, ScD


Phone: (617) 867-4942

Email: ssoumerai@hms.harvard.edu     


Natasha Stout, PhD

Assistant Professor

Phone: (617) 867-4914

Email: natasha_stout@hms.harvard.edu


Anita Wagner, PharmD, MPH, PhD

Associate Professor

Phone: (617) 867-4962

Email: anita_wagner@hms.harvard.edu


James Frank Wharam, MB, BCh, BAO, MPH

Associate Professor

Phone: (617) 867-4948

Email: jwharam@post.harvard.edu


Fang Zhang, PhD

Assistant Professor

Phone: (617) 867-4962

Email: fang_zhang@harvardpilgrim.org




Alessandra Ferrario, PhD

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Phone: (617) 867-4863

Email: alessandra_ferrario@harvardpilgrim.org


Christine Leopold, PhD

Research Fellow

Phone: (617) 867-4813

Email: christine_leopold@harvardpilgrim.org


Mara Murray Horwitz, MD

Research Fellow

Phone: (617) 867-4583

Email: mara_murray_horwitz@harvardpilgrim.org




Matthew Callahan, MS

Research Analytics, Program Operations Project Manager

Phone: (617) 867-4938

Email: matthew_callahan@harvardpilgrim.org


Katherine Callaway, MPH

Research Associate/Data Analyst

Phone: (617)-867-4243

Email: katherine_callaway@harvardpilgrim.org


Joyce Cheatham

Administrative Specialist

Phone: (617) 867-4881

Email: joyce_cheatham@harvardpilgrim.org


Robert LeCates, MA

SAS Programmer Analyst, Research Associate

Phone: (617) 867-4943

Email: robert_lecates@harvardpilgrim.org


Stephanie Loomer, MS

Research Assistant 

Phone: (617) 867-4932

Email: stephanie_loomer@harvardpilgrim.org


Caitlin Lupton, MSc

Administrative Specialist

Phone: (617) 867-4877

Email: caitlin_lupton@harvardpilgrim.org


Jessica Meuleman, MA

Project Coordinator

Phone: (617) 867-4313

Email: jessica_meuleman@harvardpilgrim.org


Meg Powers, BA

Program Manager

Phone: (617) 867-4499

Email: meg_powers@harvardpilgrim.org


Jamie Wallace, BA

Senior Research Assistant

Phone: (617) 867-4516

Email: jamie_wallace@harvardpilgrim.org


Xin Xu, MS

Sr. SAS Programmer Analyst, Research Associate

Phone: (617) 867-4830

Email: xin_xu@harvardpilgrim.org