Biostatistics Publications: 2015

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Publications of 2015

Dean D, Wang R, Jacobs D, Duprez D, Punjabi NM, Zee P, Shea SJ, Watson K, Redline S. A systematic assessment of the association of polysomnographic indices with blood pressure: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA). Sleep, 2015; 38(4):587-596.

Chen X, Wang R, Zee P, Lutsey PL, Javaheri S, Alcantara C, Jackson CL, Williams MA, Redline S. Racial/ethnic differences in sleep disturbances: the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA). Sleep, 2015; 38(6):877-888.

Rosen CL, Wang R, Taylor HG, Marcus CL, Katz ES, Paruthi S, Arens R, Muzumdar H, Garetz SL, Mitchell RB, Jones D, Weng J, Ellenberg S, Redline S, Chervin RD. Utility of symptoms to predict treatment outcomes in obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Pediatrics, 2015; 135(3).

Quante M, Wang R, Weng J, Rosen CL, Amin R, Garetz S, Katz E, Paruthi S, Arens R, Muzumdar H, Marcus CL, Ellenberg S, Redline S; and for the Childhood Adenotonsillectomy Trial (CHAT). The impact of adenotonsilletomy for childhood sleep apnea on cardiometabolic measures. Sleep, 2015; 38(9):1395-403.

Wang R, Schoenfeld DA, Hoeppner B, Evins AE. Detecting treatment-covariate interactions using permutation methods. Statistics in Medicine, 2015; 34(12): 2035-2047.

Patel SR, Weng J, Rueschman M, Dudley K, Loredo JS, Mossavar-Rahmani Y, Ramos AR, Reid K, Sotres-Alvarez D, Zee PC, Wang R. Assessing the reproducibility of a standardized actigraphy scoring algorithm in a Hispanic/Latino population. Sleep, 2015; 38(9):1497-503. 

Bakker JP, Weng J, Wang R, Redline S, Punjabi NM, Patel SR. Associations between obstructive sleep apnea, sleep duration, and abnormal fasting glucose: The Multi-Ethnic Study of atherosclerosis. American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 2015, 192(6):745-53.

Paruthi S, Rosen CL, Wang R, Weng J, Marcus CL, Chervin RD, Stanley JJ, Katz E, Amin R, Redline S. Capnography: signal quality and association with pediatric obstructive sleep apnea severity.  Sleep, 2015, 38(11):1719-1726.

Goyal R, Wang R, DeGruttola V. Network Epidemic Modeling: Assumptions and Interpretations. Clinical Infectious Disease 2012; 55(2): 276-8.

Rosenthal MB,., Friedberg M, Singer SJ, Eastman D, Li Z., Schneider E. Impact of the Colorado Multi-Payer Patient-Centered Medical Home Pilot on Health Care Quality, Utilization and Cost.  Journal of General Internal Medicine 31(3); Octoboer 2015.

Rosenthal MB,., Friedberg M, Singer SJ, Eastman D, Li Z., Schneider E. Impact of the Cincinnati Aligning Forces for Quality Multi-Payer Patient Centered Medical Home pilot on Healthcare Quality, Utilization, and Costs. Medical Care Research and Review. Nov 2015

Zhou JJ, Cho MH, Lange C, Lutz S, Silverman EK, Laird NM. (2015) Integrating Multiple Correlated Phenotypes for Genetic Association Analysis by Maximizing Heritability. Human Heredity. 79(2): 93-104.