CarPE News and Events


December 2018

On December 12th, Alessendra Ferrario (pictured below), postdoctoral fellow at DPM, presented "Availability and use of cancer medicines in six Asian countries working towards universal health coverage" at the Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC) Celebration of Early Career Investigators in Cancer Research. This annual half-day symposium aims to showcase the yougn talent at the DF/HCC who are producing key research in several areas of population science, including epidemiology, biostatistics, outcomes, diversity, and survivorship.  The date, 12/12, is also International Universal Health Coverage Day, which marks the anniversary of the United Nations' historic and unanimous endorsement of universal health coverage (UHC) in 2012. The resolution urges all countries to accelerate progress toward UHC as an essential priority for international development.

Alessandra Ferrario at DF/HCC meeting

November 2018

On November 14th at noon at DPM, Dr. Oreofe O. Odejide, MD, MPH, presented, "Why are Patients with Blood Cancers Less Likely to Receive Quality End-of-Life Care", as part of the Health Policy and Insurance Research Seminar Series. In this seminar, she examined patient, physician, and policy factors that affect the rates of intensive care near death and low rates of timely hospice enrollment for blood cancer patients. Dr. Oreofe is a member of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute Hematologic Malignancies staff and a member of the Division of Population Sciences. 

October 2018

Anita Wagner (pictured below) gave an invited presentation, "Challenges of new cancer therapeutics in health systems: Financial toxicity and uncertainty", at the 8th U.S.-China Health Summit in Chengdu, China.  

Anita Wagner presents at China Summit

Anita Wagner presented, "New cancer therapeutics in health systems: Opportunities, challenges, approaches, questions", at the Peking Union Medical College School of Public Health in Beijing, China.

August 2018

Anita Wagner presents at Hastings Center

Anita Wagner has been chosen as a Visiting Scholar at The Hastings Center, where she'll spend two weeks conducting bioethics research.  On Tuesday, August 7th, Dr. Wagner, pictured above,  presented a seminar at the center, entitled, "New cancer therapeutics in health systems: opportunities and challenges". 

June 2018

As part of the Division of Health Policy and Insurance Research (HPI) Seminar Series, CarPE is proud to co-sponsor a talk by Pari Pandharipande, MD, MPH on Wednesday, June 20th at noon at the DPM. In her talk, "The Role of Imaging in Decision-making: Insights Gained from Decision Science", Dr. Pandharipande will discuss research projects from her group at Massachusetts General Hospital that utilize prospective observational and simulation modeling study designs to address the value of imaging in clinical settings ranging from emergency care to cancer treatment.

Division of Health Policy and Insurance Research (HPI) and CarPE fellow Alessandra Ferrario will present "The Intensity of Care at the End-of-Life in Women with Breast Cancer" as part of the Division of Health Policy and Insurance Research (HPI) Seminar Series on Wednesday, June 6th at noon at the DPM.

 May 2018

Alessandra Ferrario and Anita Wagner at SickKids Hospital in Toronto

Anita Wagner and Alessandra Ferrario participated in a meeting at SickKids Hospital in Toronto to discuss collaboration opportunities for improving access to medicines for pediatric cancer in low- and middle-income countries. This collaboration builds on priorities identified at the Pediatric Oncology Roundtable to Transform Access to Global Essentials (PORTAGE), which took place in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE) in January 2018. Despite advances in treatment of childhood cancer and high rates of survival in high income countries, there is poor and variable survival in low- and middle-income countries, where most children with cancer live. Improving access to medicines is a key component in strengthening health care systems to improve health outcomes of children with cancer worldwide. 

The team is pictured above. From the left: Phoebe Lombard (SickKids); Dr. Sumit Gupta (SickKids), Dr. Lindsay Frazier (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School), Dr. Avram Denburg (SickKids), Anita Wagner (DPM/Harvard Medical School), Professor Susan Horton (University of Waterloo), Dr. Brandon Maser (SickKids), and Alessandra Ferrario (DPM/Harvard Medical School).

Anita Wagner was among the distinguished speakers at the Charite BIH Entrepreneurship Summit 2018: From Vision to Patient, sponsored by the Berlin Institute of Health. Dr. Wagner will take part in the Novel Funding Models / Affordability of Medication session, on the panel titled When Markets Fail Patients.

April 2018

As part of the Division of Health Policy and Insurance Research (HPI) Seminar Series, CarPE is proud to co-sponsor a talk by HPI fellow Christine Leopold, PhD, on Wednesday, April 11th. Her talk, "(Un)affordability of anticancer drugs and the need to set priorities based on value measures", presented three studies using quantitative, qualitative, and conceptual frameworks to tackle the question on affordability of anticancer treatments and to propose ideas on how to set priorities based on value measures.

March 2018

CarPE team members and collaborators from Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research had recent work published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The paper, titled "Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment after High-Deductible Insurance Enrollment", was the result of work conducted by Frank Wharam, Fang Zhang, Christine Lu, Anita Wagner, Stephen Soumerai, Dennis Ross-Degnan, Larissa Nekhlyudov, and Craig Earle. The study found that women who were switched to high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) experienced delays in breast cancer diagnostic testing, early-stage diagnosis, and chemotherapy initiation. 

February 2018

Anita Wagner presents Ebert Award talk

On Thursday, February 8th, Anita Wagner presented "Expanding a Portfolio of Health Systems Research on Cancer Therapeutics" to the Department of Population Medicine as part of the department's Brown Bag Seminar program. This presentation detailed progress made as part of Dr. Wagner's Robert H. Ebert Career Development Award. These awards support the work of faculty of the Harvard Medical School Department of Population Medicine who demonstrate exceptional promise in the area of ambulatory care, primary care, or preventative medicine. The awards provide resources to develop leading-edge programs in teaching and research to pursue scientific and professional activities consistent with the department's mission. 


Anita Wagner at ABR conference

We welcome back Anita Wagner (pictured above) from Singapore, where she gave two talks at the Asian Bioethics Review Research Conference on "The Ethics of Universal Coverage: Towards a Holistic Framework for Access to High-Cost Medical Interventions". In this conference, participants and facilitators discussed how existing ethical frameworks may be augmented to help policy-makers and healthcare administrators define approaches for providing access to expensive innovative therapies, in the face of multiple unmet health care needs and constrained resources. Dr. Wagner was invited to give a keynote address, "Highly-priced (cancer) medications: policy approaches", and the presentation, "Highly-priced cancer medications: issues for universal health coverage". 

January 2018

Alessandra Ferrario at PORTAGE meeting

Fellow Alessandra Ferrario, pictured above left with Drs. Lindsay Frazier and Avram Denburg, attended the Pediatric Oncology Roundtable to Transform Access to Global Essentials (PORTAGE), which took place in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Growing recognition of the mounting role that pediatric cancer will play in global childhood mortality has created a window of opportunity for innovative collective action on this issue. Childhood Cancer International (CCI) in collaboration with The International Society for Pediatric Oncology's (SIOP) Essential Medicines Working Group (EMWG) have committed to joint engagement with key academic, policy, advocacy, and industry stakeholders to advance priority actions aimed at improving global access to cancer medicines for children.

With the generous leadership, support, and collaboration of Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP), Sharjah, UAE, CCI in collaboration with SIOP have convened PORTAGE. This inaugural meeting was championed and hosted by the FOCP. During the meeting, representatives from the global childhood cancer community, international health governance institutions, international development institutions, civil society, corporate partners, academia and the pharmaceutical industry jointly discussed tractable, scalable, and sustainable solutions to address barriers to global access to pediatric cancer medicines and radiotherapy.

December 2017

Ann Geiger Visits DPM

On Tuesday, December 12th, CarPE welcomed Ann M. Geiger, PhD, MPH, Deputy Associate Director of the Healthcare Delivery Research Program within the National Cancer Institute's Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences. Dr. Geiger's presentation, "Cancer Care Delivery Research - Why It Matters" addressed the need for increased attention to cancer care delivery, the lack of an adequate evidence  base to guide this complicated care (which often involves many different types of clinicians over an extended period of time), and how NCI is promoting research to address this gap. It was a most welcome and informative visit! Pictured above, from left to right, are Mei-Sing Ong, Christine Leopold, Anita Wagner, Ann Geiger, Dennis Ross-Degnan, and Frank Wharam.

Mei-Sing Ong participated in the 2nd annual Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Congress, "Working Together - Achieving More". This research strategy meeting was presented by Teen Cancer America.

October 2017
Zac Wyner describes new mobile app

CarPE members learned more about a new generalized platform for capturing health outcomes and exposure directly from patients. This new platform was developed by DPM programmers and can be adapted to a variety of research questions. Zac Wyner, pictured above, and Chayim Herzig-Marx presented to the group. 


September 2017

Tasha at NCI

CarPE Co-director Natasha Stout, PhD, pictured above, attended the 2017 DCCPS New Grantee Workshop, held September 18-19, in Washington, DC. Sponsored by the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences of the National Cancer Institute, the workshop invited new extramural investigators with information, tools, resources, insights and insider perspectives to help successfully manage current grants and to understand future funding opportunities. Dr. Stout was recently awarded her first R01, "Understanding the Impact of Breast Density Notification Laws on Supplemental Breast Cancer Screening Use and Outcomes".

OptumLabs Bootcamp

Members of CarPE (pictured above from left to right: Mei-Sing Ong, Yuhree Kim, and Christine Leopold) attended a two-day training workshop sponsored by OptumLabs. This hands-on, intensive bootcamp focused on the applied uses of the OptumLabs data asset and how to use it to maximize research opportunities and insights. Researchers received in-depth training, met members of the OptumLabs team, and discussed study design and how to best select a research view to answer different research questions.

Kornides Job Talk

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Melanie Kornides, ScD, MPH, MS, BSN, pictured above, practiced her job talk,Cancer prevention in pediatrics: Lessons Learned from HPV Vaccination in the U.S.” at a DPM Brown Bag Seminar on September 21st. Dr. Kornides is a postdoctoral research fellow in DPM’s Center for Healthcare Research in Pediatrics (CHeRP) and the Center for Cancer Policy and Program Evaluation (CarPE). She is currently applying for research faculty positions. She brings over 10 years of clinical practice experience as a registered nurse and family nurse practitioner to her research program in cancer prevention and primary care for children and adolescents. 

July 2017

Leopold and Barry

Christine Leopold (pictured above, right) and Donna Barry, Executive Director of Global Oncology  (pictured above, left), presented a poster on "Global cancer initiatives in low and middle income countries - measuring what exists to identify what is missing" at the 2017 pre-Congress of the International Health Economics Association in Boston on July 7, 2017.

June 2017

Leopold ASCO Presentation

Christine Leopold (pictured above, left) and Larissa Nekhlyudov (pictured above, right), presented abstracts, including The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on Cancer Survivorship, at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting, held in Chicago.

May 2017

CarPE hosted an informative webinar presented by Joe Henk and Lisa Basile of OptumLabs. This detailed overview of the OptumLabs Data Warehouse highlighted cancer research capabilities.

CarPE co-hosted a department-wide DPM Strategies Seminar to showcase and review datasets available to faculty, with a focus on how each can support cancer-related research.

Melissa Gilkey presented a talk, "Which messages should providers use—and avoid using—to motivate HPV vaccination?" at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies in San Francisco, CA.

April 2017
Anita Wagner was invited to present "Targeted cancer therapies in low and middle income countries: A health system issue" at the Radcliffe Seminar, "Redesigning Health Systems for Precision Medicine".

Frank Wharam's abstract,“Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment before and after High-deductible Insurance Enrollment”, was chosen for a plenary presentation at the Cancer and Primary Care Research International Network (Ca-PRI) 2017 meeting in April in Edinburgh, Scotland.

March 2017
Melissa Gilkey presented a talk, "Parents who decline HPV vaccination: Who later accepts and why?" at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Preventative Oncology. Fellow Melanie Kornides presented a top-ranked abstract of the same name at the conference.