HPI Research

HPI's research portfolio addresses six major areas:  health insurance systems, cancer policy, domestic and global pharmaceutical policy, behavioral health and substance abuse, health care workforce, and pediatric health care and policy evaluation.

Health Insurance Systems Research

Insurance coverage of health care expenses determines access to care, quality of care, and spending on care. Insurance policies change rapidly in response to changing need for care and technologies and costs of care.  HPI has long had a major focus on studying impacts of private and public insurance policies on how and by whom health services are used, and on their costs and clinical consequences. 

Cancer Policy Research

Cancer is a major cause of serious illness, premature deaths, financial toxicity for individuals, and enormous health system spending, in the United States and across the world. HPI researchers generate knowledge about cancer care access, use, quality, outcomes and spending related to policies along the cancer care continuum from screening to diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship and end of life care.

Domestic and Global Pharmaceutical Policy

Affordable, appropriately used, effective medicines are key to quality health care and sustainable health systems everywhere. HPI (formerly the Drug Policy Research Group) has established a national and global reputation for pharmaceutical policy research, including investigating the impacts of policy changes on use of medicines, affordability, and clinical outcomes.

Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse

Only 10% of Americans who need behavioral health care in a given year receive the treatment. Lack of health insurance coverage and discriminatory restrictions on behavioral health benefits pose major financial barriers to treatment. HPI researchers investigate how patient mental health can be improved through research, practice and policy.

Health Care Workforce

Two of the most serious concerns that have historically dominated the health care workforce policy debates in the US are the persistent workforce shortage and the unequal workforce distribution.

Pediatric Health Care and Policy Evaluation

HPI researchers focus on the impact of health policy and insurance design for children as well as adults.