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The mission of the Center for Cancer Policy and Program Evaluation (CarPE) within the Department of Population Medicine is to generate sound evidence to inform policies and programs affecting individual and population health across the cancer care continuum. Research results are useful for stakeholders in the United States and elsewhere.  We leverage the diverse research expertise of DPM faculty, effectively use and expand DPM’s large population-based electronic data resources and decision analytic modeling, and actively collaborate with delivery system and payer partners of the DPM in the US and with colleagues in other countries.

The DPM has been a long-standing home for population-level cancer research and was a founding member of the HMO Cancer Research Network and the Dana/Farber Harvard Cancer Center. CarPE faculty come from all DPM Divisions (CHeRPHPICoRALTIDE/Sentinel, and Biostatistics). Employing quantitative and qualitative methods, we study the short- and long-term effects of policies and other interventions in the ever-evolving cancer screening and treatment environments. 

CarPE research spans the cancer care continuum to generate evidence for creating equitable health outcomes in sustainable health systems.

Please visit the CarPE research and individual faculty biographies for more information on our research foci.

CarPE’s hourglass logo* acknowledges the transient and ever-changing nature of our lives and the world we live in. In the spirit of Horace's carpe diem, our logo symbolizes the urgency to do all we can today to make the future - including health policies, programs, and systems - better, for individuals, populations, and societies.

*Designed by Mikaela Batista