Therapeutics Research and Infectious Disease Epidemiology (TIDE)

The TIDE group is primarily involved in developing multi-institutional research in pharmacoepidemiology and implementing approaches that facilitate population-based surveillance, reporting, and control of both hospital and community acquired infections. It is led by Richard Platt, MD, MSc, and Chair of the Department of Population Medicine.
Therapeutics Research
The Therapeutics Research team maintains a portfolio of programs that work together to address the safe and appropriate use of marketed drugs, ensuring their safety and improving the appropriateness of their use.
Infectious Disease Epidemiology
The Infectious Disease Epidemiology team leads several programs that create public-private partnerships between academic centers, health care organizations, and the traditional public health community focusing on the identification and reporting of notifiable infectious diseases.
With TIDE's research efforts and collaboration within public and private sectors of health care, the group hopes to continue its growth and impact on pharmacoepidemiology.
Please explore our website to learn more about our research efforts, faculty and staff, and career opportunities.