Maryam Asgari
Visiting Professor | Email
Meghan Baker
Assistant Professor | Email
Jeffrey Brown
Lecturer, Part-time | Email
Sanjat Kanjilal
Assistant Professor | Email
Anjum Khurshid
Associate Professor
and Chief Data Scientist,
Sentinel Operations Center  | Email
Michael Klompas
Professor | Email
Douglas Krakower
Associate Professor | Email
Xiaojuan Li
Assistant Professor | Email
Julia Marcus
Associate Professor | Email
Judy Maro
Associate Professor | Email
Vanessa McMahan
DPM Faculty | Email
Richard Platt
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
Institute Distinguished Professor | Email
Russell Poland
Senior Lecturer, Part-time | Email
Kenneth Sands
Associate Professor, Part-time | Email
Edward Septimus
Senior Lecturer, Part-time | Email
Chanu Rhee
Associate Professor | Email
Darren Toh
Professor | Email
Jenna Wong
Assistant Professor | Email

Research Scientists

Sruthi Adimadhyam
Research Scientist II | Email
Susan Andrade
Research Scientist III | Email
Noelle Cocoros
Research Scientist III | Email
John Connolly
Research Scientist II | Email
Candace Fuller
Research Scientist III | Email
Geetha Iyer
Research Scientist I | Email
Sheryl Kluberg
Research Scientist II | Email
Jennifer Lyons
Research Scientist II | Email
Sophie Mayer
Research Scientist I | Email
Aaron Mendelsohn
Research Scientist III | Email
Ashley Michnick
Research Scientist II | Email
Ashish Rai
Research Scientist I | Email
Bahareh Rasoui
Research Scientist I | Email
Mayura Shinde
Research Scientist II | Email
Thuy Thai
Research Scientist I | Email


Theodore Pak
Research Fellow | Email
Claire Shappell
Research Fellow | Email
Michael Traeger
Research Fellow | Email
Han Yu
Research Fellow | Email

Operations Committee

Kim leads TIDE’s strategic planning and implementation and oversees TIDE’s research portfolio operations.  Kim received her MPH from the University at Albany, State University of NY.

Max oversees the development, enhancement, and continued maintenance of TIDE’s analytic and operations software products, data resources, and cloud environments. Max received his BS in Cell and Developmental Biology from University of Rochester and his MPH in Epidemiology from Columbia’s Mailman School of Public Health.

Melisa ensures financial resources are available to meet TIDE’s program needs by working closely with TIDE’s program leads, maintains TIDE’s financial data, and with her team support all day-to-day financial and budget management activities. Melisa received her MPH from Yale University.

Jessica oversees a team of 40+ analysts supporting all of TIDE’s portfolios of work, as well as, analytic programming, data quality assessments and query implementation. Jessica received an ScM from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Beth is the Director of TIDE’s Project Management Office, a 55-member center of excellence, establishing and promoting best-in-class project management standards. She oversees TIDE’s PMO Leadership team and implements strategies to develop PM talent and operational growth. Beth received a BS in Biology and Psychology from Union College and an MPH from Columbia University.

Micaela leads operational and programmatic activities, manages staff, and oversees project planning, execution of funded projects and proposal development. She is also the primary liaison with external funders and collaborators. Micaela received her M.S. in Infectious Disease Epidemiology from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and her B.A. in Biology from Williams College.

Juliane oversees all planning, initiation, and active research studies in the HDC-SER program, manages staff. She is the primary point of contact for funders and collaborators participating in HDC-SER studies. Juliane received her MPH from Boston University School of Public Health and BS in Biology from Tufts University.

Katie leads operational and programmatic activities, manages staff, pharmacoepidemiology fellows and visiting scholars, oversees funded research and proposal development. Katie received her BS in Health Sciences from James Madison University.

Eliel has extensive experience in health information technology design, implementation and management with a focus on information systems that support research activities, care coordination and HIT innovation. Eliel received his MBA and MSc in International Development from Tulane University.

Steve is responsible for Sentinel’s contract compliance and operations program management activities. Steve received his B.S. in Business Management from Emmanuel College.

Christine oversees the technical infrastructure, data infrastructure, and analytic and business tools for the FDA’s Sentinel program. Christine received her Masters in Public Health from Boston University.

Joy oversees implementation of pharmacoepidemiologic analyses within the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Sentinel System. Her work supports their mission to ensure safe medicines to improve the health of the U.S. population. Joy received her MPH from Boston University.

Meighan is TIDE’s program manager for the Sentinel Innovation Center, a collaboration with Mass General Brigham that aims to develop new methods and integrate advanced analytic methods and electronic health record data into the Sentinel System.  Meighan oversees portfolio growth, partnership development and facilitation, and project management within the Innovation Center. Meighan holds an AB from Bowdoin College and a Master of Public Health in Epidemiology from Yale University.

Lindsey oversees TIDE’s Administrative team as well as activities such as recruitment, onboarding, events, and more. Lindsey received her B.S. in Health Science from Boston University.


Courtney Adams | Senior Financial Analyst IV | Email

Anna Agan | Senior Research Analyst | Email

Sarah Alam | Research Analyst | Email

Stefanie Albert | Senior Research Analyst | Email

Josephine Anderson | Senior Research Assistant | Email

Taliser Avery | Lead Research Analyst II | Email

Soowoo Back | Senior Research Analyst | Email

Carolyn Balsbaugh | Senior Budget Analyst | Email

Kimberly Barrett | Research Analyst II | Email

Elizabeth Beers | Senior Project Coordinator | Email

Gifty Brisbane | Research Analyst I | Email

Jillian Burk | Senior Research Analyst | Email

Derek Campbell | Senior Project Manager I | Email

Christina Chan | Senior Research Analyst II | Email

Whitney Chlon | Senior Project Coordinator | Email

Yong Cho | Senior SAS Programmer | Email

Theresa Clemmons | Senior Business Systems Analyst III | Email

Joanne Cochrane | Executive Assistant | Email

David Cole | Senior SAS Programmer | Email

Kevin Connolly | Senior Business Systems Analyst | Email

Tawil Contreras | Senior Research Analyst I | Email

Austin Cosgrove | Research Analyst III | Email

Iara Costa | Research Analyst I | Email

Kevin Coughlin | Project Manager II | Email

Eric Czernizer | Senior Business Systems Analyst | Email

Laura DelloStritto | Project Manager II | Email

Mukund Desibhatla | Research Analyst | Email

Nina DiNunzio | Senior Project Manager | Email

Christine Draper | Research Analyst II | Email

Matthew Dulchinos | Application Systems Engineer | Email

Diane Emerton | Senior Research Analyst | Email

Katyuska Eibensteiner | Project Manager I | Email

Meredith Epperson | Senior Project Manager | Email

Katherine Farineau | Technical Project Manager I | Email

Eric Fung | Research Analyst I | Email

Yang Gao | Financial Operations Analyst | Email

Kimberly Gegear | Senior Project Manager | Email

Michael Guzman | Senior Business Systems Analyst | Email

Christian Hague | Senior Research Analyst II | Email

Aaron Hansbury | Application Systems Engineer II | Email

Daniel Harrell | Project Manager I | Email

Josh Harvey | Senior Research Assistant | Email

Matti Hautala | Senior Technical Project Manager I | Email

Rebecca Hawrusik | Senior Research Analyst I | Email

Meg Her | Senior Research Analyst I | Email

Emma Hoffman | Associate Research Analyst | Email

Casie Horgan | Senior Research Analyst III | Email

Laura Hou | Senior Research Analyst I | Email

Caroline Hugh | Senior Research Analyst | Email

Amanda Isaacs | Project Manager | Email

Geetha Iyer | Research Scientist I | Email

Lexie Jaquish | Research Assistant | Email

Xhulia Kanani | Senior Project Coordinator | Email

Maria Kempner | Senior Research Analyst II | Email

Caroline Kerrigan | Senior Business Systems Analyst | Email

Shaheroze Khan | Research Assistant | Email

Daniel Kiernan | Senior Research Analyst I | Email

Jessica Kilgore | Senior Project Coordinator | Email

Nathan Kim | Senior Research Assistant | Email

Jenice Ko | Research Analyst I | Email

Heather Lalier | Senior Project Manager, Proposal Management | Email

Maria Lewis | Senior Project Manager I | Email

Sarah Ma | Administrative/Project Specialist | Email

Joelle Maguire | Senior Project Manager I | Email

Alexander Mai | Senior Research Analyst I | Email

James Marshall | Research Analyst III | Email

Chris Martin | Senior Application Systems Engineer II | Email

Sophie Mayer | Research Scientist I | Email

Aaron Madow | Project Coordinator | Email

Nora McElroy | Senior Research Analyst | Email

Samuel McGown | Senior Research Assistant | Email

Caroline McKenna | Senior SAS Programmer | Email

Shannon Meaney | Project Coordinator | Email

Gianna Medeiros | Administrative/Project Specialist | Email

Elizabeth Messenger-Jones | Senior Project Manager II | Email

Maria Michaelidis | Research Assistant | Email

Leela Mitra | Research Assistant | Email

Jolene Mosley | Senior SAS Programmer/Analyst | Email

Kshema Nagavedu | Senior Research Analyst I | Email

Srisampada Nandyala | Research Analyst I | Email

Neesha Nathwani | Senior SAS Programmer/Analyst | Email

Ruslan Nikitin | Senior Project Manager | Email

Jennifer Noble | Project Manager I | Email

Jamie Nolan | Business System Analyst III | Email

June O'Neill | Senior Research Analyst | Email

Rachel Ornstein | Project Coordinator, TIDE Administrative Operations | Email

Kelly O'Keefe | Senior Project Manager II | Email

Ankit Patel | Senior SAS Programmer/Analyst | Email

Janavi Patel | Technical Project Coordinator | Email

Morgaine Payson | Associate Research Analyst | Email

Alexander Peters | Research Analyst I | Email

Andrew Petrone | Lead SAS Programmer/Analyst | Email

Carolyn Purington | Technical Project Manager II | Email

Benjamin Quinn | Senior Financial Analyst | Email

Rajani Rajbhandari | Lead SAS Programmer/Analyst | Email

Alexander Romantz | Project Coordinator | Email

Katherine Round | Senior Project Manager II | Email

Malcolm Rucker | Senior SAS Programmer/Analyst | Email

Janine Ryan | Senior Technical Project Manager II | Email

Daniel Scarnecchia | Senior Technical Project Manager I | Email

Ryan Schoeplein | Senior Project Manager I | Email

Manasvi Shah | Senior Research Analyst | Email

Katie Shapiro | Associate Research Analyst | Email

Kathleen Shattuck | Senior Project Manager II | Email

Laura Shockro | TIDE Project Director | Email

Andrew Simon | Senior Research Analyst | Email

Selsebil Sljivo | Project Manager | Email

Samantha Smith | Associate Research Analyst | Email

Viola Spahiu | Project Coordinator | Email

J Steinman | Associate Informatics Analyst | Email

Dayna Sylvester | Project Coordinator, Administrative Operations | Email

Neha Varma | Senior Research Analyst II | Email

Justin Vigeant | Senior SAS Programmer/Analyst | Email

Madison Vo | Financial Analyst | Email

Emma Whited | Senior Project Coordinator | Email

Megan Wiley | Senior Research Analyst | Email

Sarah Woodruff | Senior SAS Programmer | Email

Natalie Zahniser-Word | Senior Financial Analyst | Email

Lauren Zichittella | Lead SAS Programmer/Analyst | Email