October 2019

CHeRP Faculty Davene Wright and colleagues' article "Estimation of Eating Disorders Prevalence by Age and Associations With Mortality in a Simulated Nationally Representative US Cohort." is published in JAMA Network Open. 



Special thanks to Christopher Landrigan, MD, MPH from Boston Children's Hospital for presenting at our most recent CHeRP Seminar. Dr. Landrigan presented "Scaling Microsystem Redesign to Improve Healthcare: Challenges, Opportunities, and Lessons Learned".



CHeRP Faculty, Alon Peltz gave this weeks Brown Bag Seminar talk. Dr. Peltz presented on "Using sociomarker data to help predict future health outcomes in disadvantage populations" 



CHeRP Assistant Professor, Sharon Lutz and colleagues' article "eQTL mapping of rare variant associations using RNA-seq data: An evaluation of approaches." is published in PLoS One


September 2019

CHeRP Associate Director, Alison Galbraith and colleagues' article "Risk Factors Associated With Food Insecurity in the Medicare Population." is published in JAMA Internal Medicine.


CHeRP Research Scientist II, Joanne Sordillo and colleagues' article "Endotoxin, food allergen sensitization, and food allergy: a complementary epidemiologic and experimental study." is published in Allergy. 


CHeRP Faculty Davene Wright and colleagues' article "Out of Pocket Diabetes-Related Medical Expenses for Adolescents and Young Adults With Type 1 Diabetes: The SEARCH for Diabetes in Youth Study." is published in Diabetes Care Journal.


CHeRP Faculty Joanne Sordillo, Sharon Lutz, Ann Wu, and colleagues' article "Pharmacometabolomics of Bronchodilator Response in Asthma and the Role of Age-Metabolite Interactions." is published in Metabolites.


CHeRP Faculty Alon Peltz and colleagues' article "Food Insecurity and Health Care Use." is published in Pediatrics. Take a look at the video abstract featured on AAP News and Journals website. 


CHeRP Assistant Professor Sharon Lutz and colleagues' article "Placental DNA Methylation Mediates the Association of Prenatal Maternal Smoking on Birth Weight." is published in American Journal of Epidemiology. 


CHeRP Associate Professor Anjali Kaimal and colleagues' article "Oxytocin Compared to Buccal Misoprostol for Induction of Labor after Term Prelabor Rupture of Membranes." is published in American Journal of Perinatology.



CHeRP faculty and staff volunteered at Cradles to Crayons and helped to sort children's clothing for the upcoming year!

cradles to crayons


CHeRP Associate Director Alison Galbraith & Project Manager Lauren Cripps spent some time in Washington, DC earlier this week working with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of American & conversHEALTH to develop a chat bot to help patients with asthma navigate their insurance. This work is part of the PCORI-funded AFFORD project



CHeRP is very happy to welcome our newest faculty member Dr. Davene Wright, PhD to our group! Dr. Wright was also recently elected as one of the Trustees of the Society for Medical Decision Making! We are very happy to have her working with us!



August 2019

CHeRP Research Scientist II, Joanne Sordillo and colleagues' article "Prenatal Oxidative Balance and Risk of Asthma and Allergic Disease in Adolescence." is published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 


CHeRP Assistant Professor Sharon Lutz and colleagues' article "Effect of population stratification on SNP-by-environment interaction." is published in Genetic Epidemiology.


CHeRP Research Scientist II, Joanne Sordillo and colleagues' article "Indoor Bacterial Microbiota and the Development of Asthma by 10.5 years of age." is published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 


CHeRP Associate Director Alison Galbraith and colleagues' article "Women and Healthcare Affordability After the ACA." is published in Journal of General Internal Medicine



CHeRP Professor Jonathan Finkelstein and colleagues' article "Complications of Serious Pediatric Conditions in the Emergency Department: Definitions, Prevalence, and Resource Utilization." is published in The Journal of Pediatrics



CHeRP Professor Jonathan Finkelstein and colleagues' article "Telemedicine and Antibiotic Use: One Click Forward or Two Steps Back?" is published in Pediatrics



July 2019

CHeRP Assistant Professor Katherine Yih and colleagues' article "Investigating Possible Infectious Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology in a Nicaraguan Mining Community." is published in The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. 

The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene


Congratulations to the CHeRP mini golf team, "The Birdies", for winning "Lowest Score" during the DPM Classic Mini Golf Tournament!

Team Photo


CHeRP Assistant Professor Sharon Lutz and colleagues' article "Genome-Wide Meta-Analyses of FTND and TTFC Phenotypes." is published in Society for Research on Nicotine & Tobacco 


CHeRP Assistant Professor Katherine Yih and colleagues' article "Kawasaki disease and 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccination among young children: A self-controlled risk interval and cohort study with null results." is published in PLoS Medicine.

PLoS Medicine


June 2019


CHeRP Faculty Alon Peltz and colleagues' article "Progress (?) Toward Reducing Pediatric Readmissions." is published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine. 

Journal of Hospital Medicine


CHeRP Research Scientist II, Joanne Sordillo and colleagues' article "Association between fungal spore exposure in inner-city schools and asthma morbidity." is published in Annals of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology 

Annals of allergy asthma


CHeRP Faculty Alon Peltz and colleagues' article "Low-Value Diagnostic Imaging Use in the Pediatric Emergency Department in the United States and Canada." published in JAMA Pediatrics 



CHeRP Assistant Professor Katherine Yih and colleagues' article "Using the Self-Controlled Tree-Temporal Scan Statistic to Assess the Safety of Live Attenuated Herpes Zoster Vaccine" published in American Journal of Epidemiology. 

American Journal Of Epi


Special thanks to Dr. Candice Belanoff, ScD, MPH from Boston University's School of Public Health for presenting "Applying a Health Equity Framework to your Perinatal Health Research and Practice" at our June CHeRP seminar!

CHeRP June Seminar

May 2019


CHeRP Director Ann Wu and colleagues' publication "A Group Visit for High-Risk Pediatric Asthma Patients: A Quality Improvement Initiative to Improve Asthma Care" published in Sage Journal. Sage Journal


Special thanks to Dr. Patricia Fabian from Boston University's School of Public Health for presenting "The ASTHMA project: a simulation tool to measure the impact of housing, neighborhood, and medication interventions on pediatric asthma" at our May CHeRP seminar!

PF talk


April 2019

Special thanks to Dr. Karen Kuhlthau for visiting DPM and for presenting “The Autism Treatment Network and Autism Intervention Research Network on Physical Health – research from the joint network” at our CHeRP seminar! To learn more about the Autism Intervention Research Network, visit and

karen's talk


March 2019

CHeRP and PROMoTeR faculty member, Sharon Lutz, has been appointed to the rank of Assistant Professor! Congratulations!



CHeRP fellow Joe Hero, Alison Galbraith and colleagues' publication "Decision-Making Experiences of Consumers Choosing Individual-Market Health Insurance Plans" is featured in Health Affairs.

HA hero paper


February 2019

CHeRP is excited to welcome Dr. Alon Peltz! Alon Peltz, MD MBA MHS received his MD and MBA degrees from Vanderbilt University and his clinical training at Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston Medical Center. Alon went on to complete health services research fellowship in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholars Program at Yale University where he studied public policy changes related to the Affordable Care Act and impacts on health expenditures and affordability. His research is informed by his clinical experiences caring for children with special needs and his policy experiences working in state and federal health agencies. Alon hopes his research will translate into improvements in the design of health insurance for medically complex and socially disadvantaged people.  He will continue to work part-time in urgent care in the primary care clinic at Children’s Hospital Boston.

AP first day


Dr. Floyd Jack Fowler presented "Learning How to Use the Web for Surveys of Patient Experience" at this month's CHeRP seminar on February 6th, 2019.

jf cherp talk


November 2018

Dr. Alon Peltz, MD, MBA, MHS presented: “Beyond Coverage: advancing child health through insurance and care delivery reforms” on November 20th.

AP job talk


Dr. Davene Wright presented: "A day late and a dollar short? Perspectives on using financial incentives to promote treatment adherence for pediatric chronic conditions.” on November 5th.

Davene's Talk


October 2018

CHeRP wishes you all a Happy Halloween!



On October 26, 2018 Dr. Ann Wu presented "Asthma Pharmacogenetics from a Health Services Researcher's Point of View" at the Harvard School of Public Health's Program in Genetic Epidemiology and Statistical Genetics Seminar Series.



Dr. Ann Wu participated in the "Housing Families' Breaking Barriers Breakfast". The panel discussion focused on the impact of homelessness and housing insecurity on children's health. This has brought on the creation of events to raise awareness and fundraise in collaboration with Housing Families.

Wu panel discussion


ChERP is delighted to welcome Pamela McMahon, PhD to DPM! She has a PhD in Health Policy and Decision Science from Harvard and was an assistant professor in the Department of Radiology at MGH where she was the PI of the Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network Lung Group.  Most recently, she was a Managing Scientist at Exponent, Inc. She will serve as Project Director of Ann Wu’s Precision Medicine Policy and Treatment (PreEMT) Model projects.  She is a person with many talents and is also an amazing artist!​​



On October 10th, Dr. Ann Wu presented on "Precision Medicine for Asthma: Why Do We Need It? Is it Possible?" for the Department of Pediatrics Grand Rounds at Boston Children's Hospital.

aw grand rounds


On October 3rd, Dr. Megan Bair-Merritt, MD, MSCE visited CHeRP and presented on "Imagining the Pediatric Practice of the Future."

MBM seminar pic


September 2018

Congratulations to the CHeRP faculty member, Dr. Alison Galbraith, on her promotion to Associate Professor!

August 2018

Congratulations to the CHeRP mini golf team, "The Birdies", for winning "Best Team Spirit" during the DPM Classic Mini Golf Tournament!

the birdies and their trophy


Congratulations to CHeRP member, Associate Professor Anjali Kaimal, on her new leadership role as Chief of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at MGH!


Congratulations to CHeRP member, Joanne Sordillo, on her promotion to Research Scientist II!


July 2018

The latest PAICAP project publication is making a lot of press! CMS Policy to Reduce Hospital-Acquired Conditions Had Minimal Impact.



CHeRP members at Heather Hsu's farewell celebration.

HH celebration


June 2018

CHeRP members, Rachel Gruver and Melanie Kornides, at their farewell celebration lunch. 

MK RG party


CHeRP faculty member, Katherine Yih, and colleagues published "Assessment of Quadrivalent Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Safety Using the Self-Controlled Tree-Temporal Scan Statistic Signal-Detection Method in the Sentinel System." in the American Journal of Epidemiology.


Dr. Katherine Yih and colleagues' publication "Yih et al. Respond to "Moving From Evidence to Impact for Human Papillomavirus Vaccination" is featured in the American Journal of Epidemiology.


Check out the PAICAP Project's June 2018 publication: The Impact of the Medicaid Healthcare-Associated Condition Program on Mediastinitis Following Coronary Artery Bypass Graft.



Members of CHeRP participated in a volunteer event at the Greater Boston Food Bank. CHeRP members worked in the warehouse inspecting, sorting, and repacking donated food and grocery products.

cherp gbfb


Congratulations to CHeRP member Heather Hsu MD MPH on her graduation from the Harvard Pediatric Health Services Research fellowship.  We wish her well in her new position as assistant professor in General Pediatrics at Boston Medical Center.

Heather's graduation

May 2018

CHeRP Director, Ann Wu, coordinated the May/June "Asthma Across the Ages" issue of The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology for Asthma Awareness Month.



Harvard Pilgrim Health Care's Artist Within Exhibit began on May 1st at the Wellesley, MA office. Speakers Eric Schultz and Karen Young welcomed the guests at the opening reception on Tuesday. CHeRP's administrative specialist, Mikaela Batista, has her painting "The Lute Player" as part of the exhibit.

starry sky photo


Temple, Horse and Porch Paintings


MB painting and photos


April 2018

Fellow Melanie Kornides, ScD, and Dr. Gilkey’s publication "US Primary Care Clinics' Experiences During Introduction of the 9-Valent HPV Vaccine" is featured in Journal of Community Health.


March 2018

CHeRP hosted a fundraiser at DPM for Housing Families. We’ve collected cleaning supplies from our colleagues in order to help once homeless families move into a new home. Thank you to everyone who has donated to our fundraiser!

Housing Families


Dr. Wu’s publication "Whole Genome Sequencing of Pharmacogenetic Drug Respone in Racially Diverse Children with Asthma" was featured in the  American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine


Fellow Melanie Kornides’ and Dr. Gilkey’s publication "Parents who decline HPV vaccination: Who later accepts and why?" is featured in Academic Pediatrics.

February 2018

Dr. Gilkey’s and Fellow Melanie Kornides’ February publication "Coaching primary care clinics for HPV vaccination quality improvement: Comparing in-person and webinar implementation" is featured in Translational Behavioral Medicine.


January 2018

Ann Wu has agreed to become the next director of our Center for Healthcare Research in Pediatrics, succeeding Grace Lee. In addition to her CHeRP role, Ann will continue to her leadership of the precision medicine center she founded (PROMoTeR), as well as her own portfolio of research in asthma and genomics/metabolomics.  Ann will also join the Department of Population Medicine’s Executive Committee. Congratulations!


Dr. Gilkey’s and Fellow Melanie Kornides’ publication "Parent perceptions of dentists' role in HPV vaccination" was featured in Vaccine


Dr. Ann Wu’s January 2018 publication “A functional splicing variant associated with decreased asthma risk abolishes the ability of gasdermin B (GSMDB) to induce epithelial cell pyroptosis” was featured in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.


On January 3rd, Dr. Wanda Phipatanakul presented on “School and Community Factors in Asthma and Allergic Diseases: Strategies Towards Treatment and Prevention” at our monthly CHeRP seminar.




December 2017

CHeRP went to the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum for their annual holiday outing. They started with lunch at Café G and then headed to the studio to decorate boxes using different materials.  After the art project they had a private tour of the museum and learned about Gardner’s life and the curation of the museum. It was a wonderful outing and experience and they would recommend it to all!




November 2017

We are proud to announce that CHeRP has a small art exhibit dedicated to the talented young artists from Boston Children’s Hospital! They’ve used markers, pens and colored pencils to depict their view of having asthma. Click HERE to view artwork.


Dr. Ann Wu's publication "Access to Guideline-Recommended Pharmacogenomic Tests for Cancer Treatments: Experience of Providers and Patients" was featured in the Journal of Personalized Medicine.


Dr. Galbraith’s November publication "Long-Term Impact of a Postdischarge Community Health Worker Intervention on Health Care Costs in Safety-Net System" was featured in the Health Services Research journal.


Tracy Lieu, MD, MPH,  is now the Director of the Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente in Northern California. She presented on “Research networks as catalysts for learning health systems” at the Department of Population Medicine’s 25th Anniversary.


October 2017

Dr. Grace Lee’s new publication "Immunization, Antibiotic Use, and Pneumococcal Colonization Over a 15-Year Period" was featured in the journal Pediatrics.


September 2017

Congratulations to Ann Wu, MD MPH (Principal Investigator), Chris Lu, MSc PhD, and Natasha Stout, PhD, on receiving an R01 funded by the National Institute of Child, Health, and Human Development.  In the grant, the Precision Medicine Treatment (PreEMT) Model, Dr. Wu and HPHC co-investigators, will develop a computer model capable of simulating short- and long-term clinical benefits and estimating the cost-effectiveness of integrating different genome screening strategies into clinical care for healthy or high-risk newborns for a wide variety of heritable conditions. With this model, they will synthesize the best available clinical, epidemiologic, and economic data on genetic variants present at birth for a wide variety of genetically-driven childhood conditions to project health outcomes, and provide a dynamic tool to evaluate evolving knowledge in the area of genomics and precision medicine in the United States over the next decade.


Dr. Ann Wu's publication "Trends in Healthcare Utilization for Asthma Exacerbation Among Diverse Populations with Asthma in the United States" was featured in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.


Dr. Wu has had her publication "Seasonal patterns of asthma medication fills among diverse populations of the United States" featured in the Journal of Asthma


Fellow Melanie Kornides has a new publication "Seasonal Variations in Meeting Physical Activity Recommendations and Development of Overweight during Adolescence" featured in the journal, Childhood Obesity.


August 2017

Research fellow Melanie Kornides and Dr. Melissa Gilkey’s paper "US Primary Care Clinics' Experiences During Introduction of the 9-Valent HPV Vaccine" has been featured in the Journal of Community Health.


July 2017

Dr. Alison Galbraith, MD, MPH was a recipient of the annual Robert H. Ebert Career Development Award.  This award is given annually in memory of Robert H. Ebert, MD, to members of the Department of Population Medicine’s faculty who have demonstrated exceptional promise in the area of ambulatory care, primary care, or preventive medicine. Alison will use her Ebert award to focus on advancing innovative, policy-relevant research on family health insurance decision making and experiences. 


Research fellow Melanie Kornides and Dr. Melissa Gilkey’s publication "Content of web-based continuing medical education about HPV vaccination" has been featured in Vaccine.


Dr. Melissa Gilkey and research fellow, Melanie Kornides’ publication "Counseling About Skin Cancer Prevention Among Adolescents: What Do Parents Receive From Health Care Providers?" was featured in the Journal of Adolescent Health.


Dr. Ann Wu and Kelly Horan’s, MPH, publication "Racial disparities in family-provider interactions for pediatric asthma care" has been featured in the Journal of Asthma’s July 2017 issue.


May 2017

Dr. Alison Galbraith’s new publication "Impact of an Individual Mandate and Other Health Reforms on Dependent Coverage for Adolescents and Young Adults" was featured in Health Services Research in May 2017.


Dr. Alison Galbraith’s publication "Impact of a Patient Navigator Program on Hospital-Based and Outpatient Utilization Over 180 Days in a Safety-Net Health System" was featured in the Journal of General Internal Medicine in May 2017.


April 2017

Dr. Ann Wu's publication "Coordinated Asthma Program Improves Asthma Outcomes in High-Risk Children" was featured in Clinical Pediatrics.


Congratulations to Dr.  Lee on her promotion to Professor within the Department of Population Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.  Grace began working with our department as a Pediatric Health Services Research Fellow and officially joined our faculty as an Instructor in 2003.  Her contributions include: informing national vaccine policy through her studies of cost-effectiveness and safety, as well as her work on improving uptake of recommended vaccines; catalyzing the development of a national program to improve the evidence base for preventing health care associated infections in children; taking a leadership role in our partnership with Hospital Corporation of America; and her appointment to national advisory committees for CDC and the National Academy of Medicine. Find out more about her work here.


February 2017

Dr. Ann Wu’s publication "Asthma Metabolomics and the Potential for Intergrative Omics in Research and the Clinic" was featured in the February 2017 issue of Chest.


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