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Kurt Christensen and colleagues’ article “Association of Pathogenic Variants in Hereditary Cancer Genes With Multiple Diseases” is published in JAMA Oncology

Congrats to Sharon Lutz on her receipt of an R01 funded study from The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) entitled “The role of sex in genetic association studies of depression”!

Congrats to Claire Abraham for winning best oral presentation by a trainee at the Region 1 Academic Pediatric Association Conference at this year’s PAS Conference! Claire presented “Predictors of Influenza Vaccine Uptake among Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic”.

Claire Abraham presenting at PAS


Davene Wright was featured in the March Newsletter for The Nutrition Obesity Research Center at Harvard. Click here for the full newsletter

Alon Peltz and colleagues’ paper “Promoting Child Health Equity Through Medicaid Innovation” was published in Pediatric Annals

Alon Peltz and colleagues’ paper “Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program participation and health care expenditures in children” was published in BMC Pediatrics

Ann Wu and colleagues’ paper “Metabolomic profiling reveals extensive adrenal suppression due to inhaled corticosteroid therapy in asthma” was published in Nature Medicine

CHeRP hosted Dr. Lisa Prosser, PhD as our CHeRP Visiting Professor for this year! Dr. Prosser presented “Using Decision Sciences to Assess the Value of Vaccination Against COVID-19 in Children and Adults”. Thanks for coming Dr. Prosser!

Dr. Prosser presenting to the department during her visit with DPM!


Alon Peltz and colleagues’ paper “Variation in Condition-Specific Readmission Rates Across US Children's Hospitals” is published in Academic Pediatrics

Ann Wu and colleagues’ paper “Genetic associations and architecture of asthma-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease overlap” is published in CHEST

Katherine Yih and colleagues’ paper “A Broad Safety Assessment of the Recombinant Herpes Zoster Vaccine” is published in American Journal of Epidemiology

Sharon Lutz, Kirsten Voorhies, Ann Wu, and colleagues’ article “The influence of unmeasured confounding on the MR Steiger approach” is published in Genetic Epidemiology

CHeRP hosted Dr. Charlene Wong for our February seminar


CHeRP Member Alon Peltz and colleagues’ article “Clinical and public policy interventions to address food insecurity among children” is published in Current Opinion in Pediatrics

CHeRP Members Alison Galbraith, Lauren Cripps, Mikaela Batista, and colleagues’ article “Strategies commercially-insured families use to manage the cost of asthma care: a qualitative interview study” is published in Journal of Asthma

CHeRP Member Alon Petlz and colleagues’ article “Variation in Condition-Specific Readmission Rates Across U.S. Children's Hospitals” is published in Academic Pediatrics

CHeRP Members Joanne Sordillo, Sharon Lutz, Ann Wu, and colleagues’ article “Pharmacogenetics of Bronchodilator Response: Future Directions” is published in Current Allergy and Asthma

CHeRP Members Mei-Sing, Joanne Sordillo, Ann Wu and colleagues’ article “Multiomics analysis identifies BIRC3 as a novel glucocorticoid response–associated gene” is published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

CHeRP Members Natalia Kunst, Kurt Christensen, Pamela McMahon, Ann Wu, and colleagues’ article “Population-Based Newborn Screening for Germline TP53 Variants: Clinical Benefits, Cost-Effectiveness, and Value of Further Research” is published in Journal of the National Cancer Institute

CHeRP Member Sharon Lutz and colleagues’ article “A Smoothed Version of the Lassosum Penalty for Fitting Integrated Risk Models Using Summary Statistics or Individual-Level Data” is published in Genes

CHeRP Members Chris Lu, Pamela McMahon, and Ann Wu’s article “Modeling Genomic Screening in Newborns” is published in JAMA Pediatrics

CHeRP hosted Dr. Beth A. Tarini for our January CHeRP Seminar