CHeRP's research portfolio addresses six major areas:  vaccination, health communication and decision making, genomics, asthma, health insurance policy, and quality of care.  Center projects were supported by external funding from CDC, FDA, NIH, and AHRQ.


Asthma is the most common chronic disease of childhood. Center research has focused on understanding disparities in asthma and improving adherence to needed medications. Learn more about our research on asthma.

Health Insurance Policy

Center researchers have evaluated the effects of health care reform and new health insurance strategies, including high-deductible health plans and nonpayment policies for potentially preventable adverse events. Learn more about our research on health insurance policy.


Our renowned team of researchers are advancing understandings of precision medicine, from the examination of metabolites to profile responses to inhaled corticosteroids to the cost-effectiveness of screening newborns for genetic risk factors. Using a multidisiplinary approach our team is conducting high-profile epidemiological, clinical, and economic studies. Learn more about our research on the genomics.

Vaccination (Safety, Delivery, Efficacy)

Center researchers have been leaders in the nation’s two premier programs for active monitoring of the safety of licensed vaccines: the FDA Post-Licensure Rapid Immunization Safety Monitoring (PRISM) program, part of the FDA Mini-Sentinel program, and the CDC Vaccine Safety Datalink project. Center investigators have also led major studies to address the problems of antibiotic resistance related to vaccination. Learn more about our research in vaccination.

Health Communication and Decision Making

Center faculty have conducted studies developing and evaluating programs to support the delivery of cancer prevention services to adolescents. Center researchers have also conducted decision analytic modeling and cost effectiveness analyses to support policymaker, provider, and patient decision making. Learn more about research in health communication and decision making