Announcing the 2019 Gordon Moore Award for Excellence in Mentoring

Candace Fuller, Research Scientist, is the recipient of this year’s award.

Candace Fuller photo


Congratulations to Candace Fuller, Research Scientist, who is the recipient of the inaugural Gordon Moore Award for Excellence in Mentoring.

This award celebrates outstanding Institute members who inspire, support, and catalyze a colleague’s development to become the best they can be in their careers and lives. A nomination for excellence in mentoring appreciates an individual who has had a transformative role in the professional or personal development of one or more mentees. Exceptional mentors from all areas in the Institute are eligible for the award, including staff, research scientists, analysts, fellows, faculty, and individuals in administrative and management roles.

Candace embodies all qualities of an outstanding mentor through developing others' talents, serving as a role model, coach, and supporter, and through advocating for work-life balance. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the Institute and your mentees.