Mobile Health and Inhaler-Based Monitoring Devices for Asthma Management.

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Mobile health and web applications (apps), wearables, and other personal monitoring devices have tremendous potential to improve the management of asthma. More than 500 asthma-related apps, whether standalone or paired with sensors on inhalers, are currently available for health education, symptom recording, tracking of inhaler use, displaying environmental alerts, and providing medication reminders. Benefits of these tools include the ability to longitudinally collect symptom, trigger, and inhaler usage data, allowing the detection of significant changes over time to help patients and their caregivers determine whether symptoms are worsening. In addition, data from external information sources, including weather, allergen, and air quality reports, can be integrated with user-specific data to enhance predictions on when patients may experience symptoms and/or need to avoid triggers. Barriers to adoption of asthma-related apps and inhaler-based devices include uncertain efficacy and effectiveness, potential high cost, sustained user engagement, and concerns about privacy. Moreover, ensuring the acceptability and utility of asthma management apps for individuals of all races/ethnicities, socioeconomic groups, ages, genders, and literacy levels is necessary. Based on studies thus far, mobile health apps and inhaler-based devices have great potential to serve as useful tools in the patient-doctor relationship and revolutionize asthma care.

J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract
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Mobile Health and Inhaler-Based Monitoring Devices for Asthma Management.
Himes BE, Leszinsky L, Walsh R, Hepner H, Wu AC