Pharmaco-Metabolomics of Inhaled Corticosteroid Response in Individuals with Asthma.

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Metabolomic indicators of asthma treatment responses have yet to be identified. In this study, we aimed to uncover plasma metabolomic profiles associated with asthma exacerbations while on inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) treatment. We determined whether these profiles change with age from adolescence to adulthood. We utilized data from 170 individuals with asthma on ICS from the Mass General Brigham Biobank to identify plasma metabolites associated with asthma exacerbations while on ICS and examined potential effect modification of metabolite-exacerbation associations by age. We used liquid chromatography-high-resolution mass spectrometry-based metabolomic profiling. Sex-stratified analyses were also performed for the significant associations. The age range of the participating individuals was 13-43 years with a mean age of 33.5 years. Of the 783 endogenous metabolites tested, eight demonstrated significant associations with exacerbation after correction for multiple comparisons and adjusting for potential confounders (Bonferroni value < 6.2 × 10). Potential effect modification by sex was detected for fatty acid metabolites, with males showing a greater reduction in their metabolite levels with ICS exacerbation. Thirty-eight metabolites showed suggestive interactions with age on exacerbation (nominal -value < 0.05). Our findings demonstrate that plasma metabolomic profiles differ for individuals who experience asthma exacerbations while on ICS. The differentiating metabolites may serve as biomarkers of ICS response and may highlight metabolic pathways underlying ICS response variability.

J Pers Med
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Pharmaco-Metabolomics of Inhaled Corticosteroid Response in Individuals with Asthma.
Kachroo P, Sordillo JE, Lutz SM, Weiss ST, Kelly RS, McGeachie MJ, Wu AC, Lasky-Su JA