Attitudes about pharmacogenomic testing vary by healthcare specialty.

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To understand how attitudes toward pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing among healthcare providers varies by specialty. Providers reported comfort ordering PGx testing and its perceived utility on web-based surveys before and after genetics education. Primary quantitative analyses compared primary care providers (PCPs) to specialty providers at both timepoints. PCPs were more likely than specialty care providers to rate PGx testing as useful at both timepoints. Education increased comfort ordering PGx tests, with larger improvements among PCPs than specialty providers. Over 90% of cardiology and internal medicine providers rated PGx testing as useful at pre- and post-education. PCPs overwhelmingly perceive PGx to be useful, and provider education is particularly effective for improving PCPs' confidence. Education for all specialties will be essential to ensure appropriate integration into routine practice.

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Attitudes about pharmacogenomic testing vary by healthcare specialty.
Preys CL, Blout Zawatsky CL, Massmann A, Heukelom JV, Green RC, Hajek C, Hickingbotham MR, Zoltick ES, Schultz A, Christensen KD