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Christine Lu

Visiting Professor

Christine Lu, BPharm, MSc, PhD is a Visiting Professor in the Department of Population Medicine. After receiving an MSc (Biopharmaceuticals) and a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology from the University of New South Wales, Australia, Dr. Lu completed her post-doctoral training at Harvard Medical School. She is currently Chair of Clinical Pharmacy at The University of Sydney School of Pharmacy, Royal North Shore Hospital, and Professor of Medicine and Health at Kolling Institute in Northern Sydney (Arabanoo) Precinct.

Dr. Lu is a pharmacist, health policy scientist, and pharmacoepidemiologist and was a full-time faculty member in the DPM from 2011 through 2022. She continues to collaborate with DPM faculty and research staff on existing studies related to regulatory and policy decisions to enhance access to, and rational use of, precision medicine technologies (i.e., biologic medicines, genome testing and sequencing, and gene therapies).


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