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Katherine Yih

Assistant Professor

Dr. Yih is a biologist and epidemiologist with domestic and international experience in infectious disease surveillance and immunization.  In the past, she coordinated infectious disease surveillance efforts using electronic-medical-record or laboratory data and space-time cluster detection methods, as well as leading sequential analyses to monitor the safety of vaccines in near-real time in the CDC-sponsored Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD).  Dr Yih continues to work on post-licensure vaccine safety monitoring with the VSD, currently designing and conducting studies of COVID-19, mpox, and respiratory syncytial virus vaccines using tree-based data-mining methods, which do not require pre-specification of the health outcomes of concern.

Dr. Yih earned a PhD in biological sciences from the University of Michigan and a master of public health degree with a concentration in international health from the Harvard School of Public Health.


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