Jeffrey Brown

Jeffrey Brown, PhD is an Associate Professor in the Department of Population Medicine (DPM) at Harvard Medical School and the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute. Within DPM, Dr. Brown serves as a member of the Therapeutics Research and Infectious Disease Epidemiology program Executive Committee. His primary research activities involve new approaches to facilitate large-scale multi-institutional research through the use of distributed health data networks to support a learning health system. This research established the basis for several established research networks, including the FDA’s Sentinel System and PCORnet. He has leadership roles in FDA Sentinel, PCORnet, the Biologics and Biosimilars Collective Intelligence Consortium (BBCIC), the Innovation in Medical Evidence and Development Surveillance (IMEDS) program, and the NIH Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory. Dr. Brown is the inventor of PopMedNet, an open-source software platform that facilitates creation and operation of distributed health data networks. Dr. Brown holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Tufts University and a PhD in Social Policy from Brandeis University. He is an 8-time US national champion and 3-time world champion in Ultimate Frisbee and coached the Tufts Men’s Ultimate team for 20 years.

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