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  • The Social and Health Information Platform (SHIP) is a pilot study in Central Texas that links and displays patient-level and community-level data from across the social service and health sectors into job-specific visualizations and alerts. The SHIP pilot was completed in collaboration with the Health Information Exchange or HIE (Connxus) and staff from health clinics in the Central Texas region, and SHIP is now being licensed and tested outside of the research/IRB context.


  • FHIR-Enabled SHIP is an application that compliments the provider portal developed in SHIP by using APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and FHIR data standards (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) to facilitate direct patient involvement in SDoH referrals via a mobile app.


  • Funded by the HPHCI 2023 Ebert Career Development Award, the Exploring the Feasibility of a National HIE Network study will establish a workgroup of HIE leaders from across the country to discuss and design a national HIE network pilot that leverages new technical innovations and updated health data regulations.
  • Blockchain-based Technology for HIV Testing & PrEP Services: PrEPLinker is a tool that uses blockchain technology to allow patient and providers to securely share data related to delivery of HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) services. TestLinker is a blockchain-based tool that allows users to securely share their HIV test results with other medical providers or potential partners. We are now piloting these apps with the Houston Health Department.